Black wheels. why?

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  1. :nice: :nice: :nice:
  2. Exactly, It's your ride, car or baby. I have and will do what I want to my Cobra. I currently have wheels that no one else has, on any mustang I've ever seen. I love them and people comment :)nice:) on them everywhere I go, AND THEY'RE BLACK!
    I've tried numerous sets of wheels before and I think my car looks the best now:

    1 Stock 1995 Cobra wheels (still use w/ roadracing tires)
    2 Silver painted Cobra R's sold
    3 Chrome Cobra R's sold
    4 Chrome 18" Saleen (real) sold
    5 03 Cobra sold

    The ones I'm keeping and love:

    Tired of people knocking what other people are doing to there mustangs. As long as it's not starting to look like a souped up honda (riced), I say "If you like than great.

    Peace, love and exhaust fumes to all.
  3. Nice Cobra...What wheels are those & what's all done to her??
  4. WOW! Do they also these in yellow?
  5. Still have my silver 98 Cobra rims as well, but everyone has chrome or silver wheels. I wanted to be different.
  6. DSS 331, Kenne Bell 8#'s

    Exhaust..BBK long tubes, custom H-pipe with e-cutouts and Bassaini cat-back
    View attachment 317520

    Wheels-n-tires... SportMax #6 fronts 18" x 8.5" Rears custom 18" x 11.25" (widened by Weldcraft)
    Sumitomo 235 18 35 fronts and Nitto 555R 305 18 35 rears.
    View attachment 317521
    View attachment 317522

    Interior..Corbeau Cr1 w/ factory Ford saddle leather, Autopower 4 point w/ harness bar. Installed my 3" competition Corbeau 5 point harnesses yesterday but no photos w/ those yet.
    View attachment 317523


    Hotchkis control arms, steeda springs, Koni single adj fronts and double adj. rears, sub connectors, drive shaft loop, alum. driveshaft, 373 gears, 2004 Cobra rack and pinion unit......much much more....I'm taking up his thread. But that gives you an idea of what's in her. 400hp 408 trq rear wheels.
  7. :jaw: truly custom.....:nice:
  8. :hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2: OMFG dude!!!! That is the perfect SN Cobra...Everything about it is sick, from the wheels, seats, KB, 331, cutouts...:nice::flag:
  9. DSC00173.jpg

    While I agree all black doesn't look good on a lot of colors... Black wheels can look damn good.
  10. 2000 GT black saleens

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  11. Ok I know this is a 4.6 forum, but it does have black wheels. I couldnt decide between chrome or black but ended up with these. I love them and have had a few compliments about them. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. :lol::lol:

    that was a refreshing laugh.

    i have a silver gt and i think that when i bye wheels im goanna get black deep dish with a chrome lip. i would look better than chrome imo
  13. My '02 definately has Black Bullits in its future.
  14. Black wheels look sexy in my opinion....but like I said before, only on certain cars:






  15. black wheels FTW:flag:

    I have chrome cobra R's on my black '99 gt and i despise them. They will be replaced with all black R's very soon...

    ... plus black wheels drop 2 tenths off ur 1/4 et... ha :D
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    .....enough said.
  17. [​IMG]
    I liked the way my black bullets turned out. It just has to be the right body color to go with the rims?