Black Wire/ Orange Tracer

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  1. I'm going thru the wiring on my '89 lx convertible, I found this neatly clipped wire, black w/ orange tracer, on the driver's side close to the fender well, in the batt/starter relay area. It may have been done by the last owner; it may have been done by me when installing a new MSD box.
  2. Do you have the stock alternator still?
  3. nope, moved on up to the 130. forgot to mention THAT operation, sorry. I am trying to determine what purpose it serves, anything that could contribute to erratic idle. i'm about to go mount a new bbk 1503 throttle body with tps ; the original bbk edelbrock/tps combo was the tuner's main complaint. also, thinking of investing in the Equus 3145 code reader.
  4. The black and orange wire should have 2 of them. That was the old charge wires for the stock alternator now that your up to 130 your using a 4gauage wire now for charging I wouldn't worry about the black and orange wire
  5. okay, thanks. I am just having a lot of trouble with idle/stalling; trying to narrow down possible causes, and reading the checklists posted here. Thanks again!
  6. Yeah no problem you pull the codes at all that will give you a really good starting point if not your kind of in the dark
  7. 64326d1287785504-fusible-link-burned-up-need-help-87-93-5.0-mustang-fuse-links.gif

    Starter solenoid wiring for 86-91 Mustang

    Starter solenoid wiring 92-93 Mustang or earlier Mustang with upgraded high torque mini starter.
  8. this is a solid orange wire coming from the round white bundle connector that used to go under the 5.0 emblem on the upper intake; my p.o. left it hanging between the upper and the firewall, shows 4 volts in run pos.
  9. AND finally, some good news: bought the 75mm BBK 1503 throttle body with TPS, a MUCH better setup than previous model where TPS had poor teet contact to throttle body, AND put on a new IAC- I now have close to 200 miles since installation and so far, idle/stall issue went away!! Thanks guys for all your help and advice, especially when I was sooo frustrated and wanted to go to carburetor conversion- that would have opened a whole other can of worms.