"BlackOut" is out for the count *pics*

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  1. so. on my way to Jegs today. going down the highway start smelling the burning smell. glance at my oil pressure gauge and it starts to fall from a cruising 30psi to 25 then 20 then 15 then 10 and flicker to 15 and back down then nada shut off and coast into parking lot down exit ramp.

    oil trailing behind me. smoking from oil all over the exhaust. and no oil showing on the dip stick.

    so trailer it home.

    front of motor is clean. some drips all over. oil pan is clean. where it blew all this oil out of it beyond me! oil change new filter and holding 50 psi at cold idle and not dripping a drop! it didn't blow out the oil filter. nothing. the under side of car is covered. checked for a clogged pcv and it fine. checked plugs. fear the worse of massive blow by. just running really lean.

    the exhaust is clogged. thinking this may have been a cause but im still looking into it. picking up a new catless X-pipe from Jegs in a few days. its in the garage for now. this is when have a second car or truck comes in handy!

    looks good on the trailer though! haha


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  2. The wheels on that trailer are pimp :nice:

    (sucks about the car though)
  3. :jaw:

    Got any pics of the 'mess'? It had to come from somewhere.

  4. what the fudge?! what'd the plugs look like? that should inform you of any blow by
  5. haha i tow with my moms expedition too.

    welcome to owning an old car!
  6. its my buddys truck and trailer.

    there snow white.
  7. I figured it had something to do with the oil pressure gauge you just installed :shrug:
  8. Fuel injected cars, especially 5.0s tend to run lean. Rev up the engine and see if any oil leaks out. There was a car at my shop last week that had so much blow by it was pumping the oil out of the dip stick, but it had a turbo.
  9. What causes so much blow-by?
  10. Hey Ryan, I see you just changed the oil. Did you by any chance double gasket the filter? By that I mean the old gasket from the filter sticks to the block and you just screw the new filter over top of it.
  11. where did u hook up your oil gauge? check that out
  12. not the oil gauge fitting or anything like that. filter was clean. no oil leaking. oil pan is clean no oil on it. i have no idea where it blew all this oil out off. but it only drainned enough to hardly fill 1 quart!. new filter again and new oil and its holding 50 psi at idel. and not draining a drop anywhere? at this point. im confussed lol.
  13. my 88 didnt. hm. im going to go do a compression test.
  14. ok compression test checks out. oil pressure is still good. going to jegs now. its running really ruff becasue of the clogged cat. ( and now glowing ) going to pick up a catless X-pipe.

    still have no effin idea where it blew the oil all out of!
  15. Some things are just a mystery...............slap that x-pipe ....
  16. must be leaking out of the hyperfootinating valve
  17. maybe i should get a trans cooler while im at Jegs. :scratch:
  18. I thought you said there was no oil on the dipstick. How can it only fill hardly 1 qt :scratch:
  19. rear main seal?:shrug:
  20. even when there is no oil on the dipstick there is still some in the oil pan. crawl under yours and look. you will see what i mean.