"BlackOut" is out for the count *pics*

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  1. No i do know what you mean, but for only 1qt something will definitaly show on the stick.. Maybe 2 or 3 qts low won't show. but 1 qt will show as low on the stick.,
  2. i agree^^^
  3. I'm with you, the other way I have seen nothing show up right away on the stick is all the oil was still up under the valve covers and the heads had so much crust the oil took forever to drain back down. the double gasket on the filter usually blows oil everywhere right away. something isn't clicking with this story or we are missing something :scratch:.
  4. did the DIPSTICK by chance blow out of the block some?
  5. +1. either there is something you have missed or we are not getting all the facts.

    I am curious to see what happens though. hopefully the internals arent damaged from oil starvation.
  6. no not lost 1 qt. lost 4 qts. after i drained what little oil was in the pan i poured it into a empty oil cantainer i had. a 1 qt container. and it was about 7/8 full.
  7. look above. i wasent clear i guess. i meant there was not even 1 qt of oil in the motor. not that it lost only 1 qt.

    checked. not that.

    currently the car is running really ruff. oil pressure is 50 psi. i got an x-pipe and im going to pick up some headers since i hacked the old ones off. ( started to frustrate me ) im thinking a big part of the cause is that from the exhaust being clogged as it was. ( when it hap pend the car was being a DOG ) that it built up pressure in the crank case and blew. where from i STILL HAVE NO IDEA. power washed the under side of car. and let it idle for 15 mins. and just a few drips from the front main.
  8. any chance the oil came out through the exhaust?
  9. ive been wondering that. when i first started the car after getting more oil in it it basicaly poured water out the passenger side tail pipe. some oil in pipes. but there is still oil all over the underside of the car. so it may be both.. if it came through the exhasut then it would be what. rings bad?
  10. ryan uses clear oil...? :shrug:

    i bet it burnt out your exhaust. either that or check the hyperfootinating valve :nice:
  11. Yea take a look at the hyperfootinating valve. Sometimes they can start to leak a little and generally blow out after a while of leaking and can cause what happened to you.
  12. is there sludge in your exhaust pipes?

    I wouldnt rule out a bad ring or perhaps even an exhaust valve.

    on another note what the hell is a hyperfoosinating valve?
  13. same :scratch:

    that would suck.
  14. Chewie quick! hand me the hydrospanner so I can fix the hyper drive on the Falcon!
  15. i dont get how the pressure would drop so quick. its like you lost 4 quarts in under 30 seconds. thats allot of oil to come out of a crevace that we dont know about. and yes from add to fill on the dipstick is 1 quart. if your at add, and you put in one quart, that puts it at full. my roommate was trying to tell me that even if you have a quart in your pan it will show on the dipstick but i dont think it really does. if it got out of the exhaust wouldnt it have to get through the rings and be combusted? you probably would have known that something was wrong if it dropped and acted odd, like it didnt run right, but you made it sound like it kept running ok.
  16. did you check the gasket on the ol filter and make sure there arnt 2 on there...
  17. i did when i put a new filter on and added more oil. it was fine. im still baffled at what the hell happend.
  18. what about the gasket on the backside of the intake? My 88 blew it out and spewed oil all over the place. If you have a stopped up cat, Id say that could be a possibility
  19. The question is, have you driven it a long distance since this happend? I once had a old 5.0 F-150 that had such a clogged PCV that it was causing the crankcase to push up oil through the dipstick. I hated that truck. I have never dealt with clogged cats (first thing that went when I bought my 5.0 at 90K) but I wonder if it is possible for it to create the same amount of pressure to emulate this? Just an idea.