"BlackOut" is out for the count *pics*

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  1. Rrruuuuugh!
  2. Very bad rings, the car had very little compression, and I think the boost from the turbo is part of what was keeping it running.

    I think the engine only had 1 quart of oil in it to begin with, you went up a hill and the oil moved away from the pick up, and you're making the rest up. :D

    BTW back pressure isn't going to make the engine blow oil out of it, it will only make it run like ****.
  3. just another ryan thread,
  4. did you check the gasket for the oil filter since this problem happened?

    did you check the pcv valve?

    did you take the h-pipe off and look for 4 quarts of oil in it???

    did you check the hyperfootinating valve?
  5. i had a rod that i threw go through the pan in to the exhaust in my probe... all the oil followed... that was odd but not your case thought id share
  6. ok so heres the deal. got the h-pipe off. had to cut it off at one point and after i cut through and turned it oil poured out :nonono: so. at this point here is what im thinking. one of the cylinders on the passenger side has bad rings. or valve seals. hell at this point idk. i got headers today for a good deal so im happy about that. putting it on tomm and am going to run another compression check with my snap on compression tester. the cheap as one i used a few days ago showed 178 psi on all but one pistion. ( number 1) and it was 170psi. i think that gauge is a pos.

    but at this point im expecting to have to pull the motor. which sucks but at the same point its kinda like whatever. the mustang stays in the garage the whole winter. engine bay gets done and an explorer motor gets built. so we will see. tomm i will know what will have to happen. but at the moment im expecting the worse and hoping for the best!

  7. 1} as ive said 4 or 5 times now. yes. then replaced with a new motorcraft filter and 5 qts of oil

    2} yes. its clean. not clogged

    3} yes. found some/most of it :(

    4} wtf is this!!!!
  8. just drop in an explorer motor and enjoy the extra 80 ponies that come with it.
  9. i know. i still want to know what the hell happend here with this one.
  10. my money says the muffler bearings seized which caused the hyperfootinating valve to fail thus allowing all the oil to escape through the blinker fluid gaskets.

    in dummy talk=no one has a clue what happened.
  11. same here. a true compression test with a good gauge. will tell. so tomm. you will either see a good ending. or bad ending. but in the end if an explorer motor has to go in its a win win so i wont be to up set about the motor going. so we will see.