blackvert's n/a buildup thread

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  1. well i got the engine put back together last weekend and started it up, and i was given good news - i do not have a blown head gasget. i have driven it about an hour now and everything seems fine. when i was replacing the wires, there was another melted spark plug boot which must have been the problem.

    so the n/a buildup begins.

    here is where i am going:

    - polished typhoon intake. this is an edelbrock performer rpm copy
    - bbk ceramic coated long tubes (these are beautiful)
    - bbk high flow crossover pipe with cats
    - polished stock throttle body
    - polished stock maf
    - afr 165 heads (later)
    - fti cam (later)
    - 24 or 30# injectors (when cam goes in)
    - tweecer tune

    sound like anyone else's combo?

    i just got the typhoon for $300
    i have ordered the long tubes and mid-pipe, if they get here in time, they will be installed thursday

    dang i have alot of bbk stuff:
    - 70mm throttle body (i might sell this)
    - equal length shorty headers (which will be on sale after the swap)
    - rear control arms, upper and lower
    - polished under-drive pulleys
    - long tubes and mid-pipe

    maybe they'll make me their poster child
  2. That is a lot of BBK stuff. How come you are not going to use that throttle body?
  3. i might ... if i can polish it up nice. all the other stuff i am putting in is polished, so that will stick out as it is. i already have the polished t/b and maf.

    but the other reason is that grady's combo uses the stock maf and t/b, and i am copying his combo.
  4. Good luck with it Blackvert. Sounds like you are going to make it perty , fun AND fast. I think one of the ugliest parts under my hood is that ugly alternator. I want to get another one just because it's so old looking.
  5. 08/25 update. Since I am burning alot of oil, and have alot of rod knock under load. I am starting to lean toward replacing the engine all together with a 393w stroker.

    There is a guy nearby selling a complete 351w engine out of a 1987 Bronco. If I can get that for a good price, then maybe I'm off the ground.

    Is $500 a good price for a complete 351w motor? I don't think it really matters how many miles are on it, since I'll be rebuilding it anyway ... ?

    I figure I can get the block machined and the short block kit installed for under $1500, and THUMPER will hopefully port the heads and freshen up the valvetrain for probably under $1000. TMOSS will hopefully clean up and port the intake (if necessary) for like $250 or so. I also figure I can use most of the rest of it as is, so I'm looking at around $3000 plus the cost of the engine for putting an engine together, ready to drop in.

    Is this somewhat realistic? What am I missing?
  6. Is the 351 a roller??If not your going to have to make it a roller.
  7. crane makes what they call retrofit lifters that allow you to use any roller cam with a pre-roller block :nice:
  8. "bbk ceramic coated long tubes"

    I am curious as to what you have to do to make them fit on the vert.
  9. i wasn't aware there were issues specific to verts, but i'm going a different direction anyway, so ... :shrug:

    for me, i was thinking the deciding factor would have been the cost of the mid-pipe with cats.
  10. From memory of others putting them on verts, some fabrication and patience is required...or completely removing a brace or 2 lol.
  11. OK, the guy with the 19 year old 351w engine didn't budge from $800 for it, so that one is out. But, there is a guy in Baltimore selling his DSS 306 with 11K miles, worked GT40 heads, X cam, main girdle, windage tray, and ported cobra intake for $2800. I'm checking it out ...
  12. Hey Chris

    Can't you get a NEW short block from Mark for that or less :shrug:

  13. i'm sure i could get a short block for much less, but this is a complete engine, intake to oil pan, including the heads and cam and everything.

    here's the guy's writeup:
    does $2800 for this sound like a good price? it sounds pretty good to me ... :shrug:

    i was kinda thinking that the KB might like this motor ...

    who's mark?
  14. He is the owner of Coast High Performance :)

  15. With 10:1 compression???
  16. Not a SC expert, but from my readings, you should shoot for an 8.5:1 CR. At 10:1 you are asking for another rebuild. Why not try and trade your KB for his setup?
  17. Good point about the CR. :doh:

    I offered a trade, but he said he just got a vortech for it already.
  18. well, i have come to the realization that the costs and effort involved in doing a 393 right are more that i can handle right now, so i am putting that on hold until after the kids go off to college in a few years.

    i was thinking about building my own short block, but i found this:,1&item=150027546414

    this actually seems like it is something i can handle and afford at this point in my life. my neighbor has a garage and he even has an engine stand already!

    for heads, yes, i'm keeping my current ported e7 heads. i realize they will be the limiting factor, but new heads are not at all in the budget. the ones i have now will have to do. i can live with it ... i'm sure it will still be much better than what i am living with now.

    i'm still selling the KB, so i'll get a n/a cam. i am thinking that i will get one of those cam kits that has everything necessary for the the cam ... springs, lifters, ... maybe not this one, but one like it. i'll talk to ed and comp cams and tell them my plans and ask for advice.

    the intake will be the polished typhoon intake i just bought.

    not sure on the maf and tb, but i have some time to decide on those. i'll probably start out with the polished stock ones i have ... plus, they are easy enough to change later.
  19. damn dude you change your mind more then me!
  20. i do seem to be gripped with indecision, don't i?

    but this latest plan is actually realistic, i think ...