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  1. the shifting has to do with the tranny thinking that you still have a 302 so you would have to change ratios and what not to accomodate them. my guess.
  2. 6-24 update: i have news ...

    i installed the 42# injectors and the LMAF using a little adapter i made for $4 with parts from radio shack. i got a 4" k&n filter and it is in the fenderwell, but i had to use a pvc elbow because that was all i had. ghetto, but it works for now.

    i also got a white 23 tooth speedo gear and installed it. i also got a purple one (21 teeth), for when the 3.27 gears are installed. the one that was in there was gray (18 teeth). the speed is alot closer at least. and it shifts into 3rd sometimes now, so maybe it is the tune after all :shrug:

    but the tranny still acts weird and launches very slowly and doesn't seem to go into overdrive ... :bang:

    so anyway, i was finally ready to give it some throttle. so i got on river road and stepped on it ........ finally the tires broke loose! :banana:

    i'm still smiling. :D

    i'm taking it to MD performance next week and getting it dynoed. the guy is a SCT guy, so i think i'll let him make me a tune and ask him all the changes from stock there are in his tune. then i can enter it all into the tweecer, or maybe if i like it the way it is, i'll sell the tweecer.

    after all, i'm done with the performance side of this car.
  3. DO NOT USE MD PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had the WORST experience with them. Plus in my o - the charge OUT THE @ss!!!!

    Go here instead, recommended by SEVERAL reputable people here and my personal experience they are VERY VERY good and won't jerk you around.

    Plus at the time, they told me getting 300rwhp was asking for too much from a little 5.0 AND they said people come into their shop thinking they can run a 408 with a 5.0 pcm and they tell them it wont work you need to UPGRADE your pcm. :bs: :bs:

    They charged me $1200+ just to tell me my MAF was programmed incorrectly and to put a chip in only getting me 250rwhp after a HCI!!!:notnice: Then I went to the guys in the lnk above and they got me 20 MORE rwhp and then they got me over 290. I was just going to PM you but I thought I'll post it too. This is my experience and I will NEVER go back there.
  4. holy crap! i was going to go there.

    but i can't go to central pa, that is like a 2-3 hours drive for me, and i have no time for that

    maybe i can find a place in laurel or somewhere.
  5. I have heard of DELK performance but they are an unknown..and I think they went under new ownership..

    Anyone want to help BV out with some names?
  6. Chris, SGS is only 90 miles from Bethesda. SGS was formerly Kauffman Motorsports. I had great experiences with Kauffman's, but I have not delt with SGS. I know Dave the tuner that was there at Kauffmans is now part owner of SGS, but I think that is the only connection between the old and new facilities. I know and trust Dave, and if he will be the one tuning your car I'd still use them but only if that is the case.

    I have no experience at all with these two places, but you may want to check them out. Both have had great success in the heads up mustang classes. I'd do some research on them first before committing to using their services to see what other's experiences have been with them.
  7. Chris

    I'd not want to do dyno work at ANY shop :nono:
    You get that trans in good to go shape

    As for the tune on the motor ... pretty straight forward stuff :D

    That trans has being used by many Stangers

    Seems like you would have no trouble finding what all they did to
    successfully make it work for your combo

  8. grady, the problem is that even when i use a tune from a guy with a 418 and a 95 computer with a 4R70W tranny (about as close to my setup as possible), it still acts weird. that is why i doubt the tune is the only problem.

    paul, the other problem is that i am going to the beach for 6 weeks (working remotely for 4 weeks), leaving on saturday. i REALLY want to take the car with me so i can tinker with it. i simply do not have time right now take it somewhere that is 2 hours away. i need somewhere nearby. and i need it now.

    if i take it easy, i can go on the highway. 60 mph is about 2800 rpm in what seems like 3rd gear. the tranny guy said that driving it would not hurt the transmission, so if i need to, i suppose i could take it to the beach with me and try to figure it out myself. my wife won't be very happy about it though.

    i talked to the ford dealership, and it turns out that they are a FRPP certified shop. they might be able to help me out too ... i'm waiting on a call back right now.
  9. the tranny is done. we were waiting for the accufab mid-length headers to come in before he put it all back together, but accufab says it will probably be 2 more weeks before they are ready, so he is going to put the kooks back on for now.

    with any luck, this mother will be on the road by the end of the week

    keith, get your car on the road and meet me somewhere between dc and baltimore!
  10. what was the issue with the trans?
  11. the harness conversion was done incorrectly and the solenoids were getting partial voltages so the pressure to the clutches was low and the clutches and od band burned up.
  12. good to hear its coming together. i'll be pming you with plenty of questions once you get your stuff settled

    how much were the accufab headers??

    i'll be needing a set of headers and i haven't narrowed it down to which ones yet
  13. u have a 4r70w trans?
    i would have read all other 8 pages but i dont not have the time lol
    i was looking at some tranny stuff in tweecer, did you change the internal gear ratios in tweeer? and what u can do is look at the tune from the 418 on his tranny settings and then put the same thing into your tweecer and changed the engine tune so urs runs better. pm me if ya want some more help, im not an expert but i know someone that would be able to help ya out some more also,( Stanger007.)
  14. that'd be fine, but my inbox fills up pretty fast. i'd rather you start a build thread so we can all share the info. you can be sure i'll be watching it.

    the headers were about $400. i think they be exactly what i want: long tube attributes without the long tube problems.
    yes i have a 4R70W.

    believe me, wes has been very interested and involved in my tuning for this tranny. i am actually using his latest tune because he has the same tranny, injectors, and mass air meter as i have. all i have done so far is change the CID to 410.

    but the car is not on the road yet, and i'm sure i'll want to do some other tweaks, because i have a little more low end torque than he does and my gears are 3.27s
  15. GLad to here your car is almost ready to roll. Wait til you drive it.(again):D
  16. :stupid:

    I think we are ALL anxious to get a good driving report from you Chris...

    Season for the vert is almost over for most of us (it is 38' this morning and it is NOT going back up when I back out of the garage in a few minutes...)
  17. actually, in DC, this is the perfect time of year, until right around thanksgiving, for a vert. today is going to be in the upper 70s. it's a little chilly this morning tho
  18. Can't wait to see the burnout video! Smoky burnouts with the top down is awesome! I hear ya on the weather - top down year round here in Louisiana!

    I want a ride! :D

  19. hehe, if I can get my dam belt to stay on!:bang: Stock pulley coming Wed.
  20. :( if only i could figure out my knocking issue i would be even happier :( but im VERY glad you have your issues worked out, that is going to be one awsome daily driver.