blackvert's n/a buildup thread

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BlackVert, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I need to get my LT's and midpipe... I think i'll go with BBK... i can't wait to get started... ya'll need to keep me updated on your buildups so i know what i can expect when i start mine in May.
  2. not a bad price... wonder if i can find some intakes from somebody for cheap... i'm still learning how to use Ebay.
  3. Your planed setup sounds good.I agree you should shoot for 8.5:1 CR.
    If you are considering a short block the CHP short blocks are good quality
    and their customer service is top notch.One of my friends went with a
    CHP 331ci. short block and was very happy with it plus the price was nice.
    You should get a different intake manifold the Typoon intake is a genuine
    made in China POS.
  4. Blackvert sent you a PM on some iron GT40 heads, FMS 65mm TB and 73mm MAF sensor. I am local. Get back at me. A good deal can be had. Peace
  5. I just bought some MAC long tubes that are Jet-Hot coated from Eades50. These are a one of a kind item ... :drool:

    And this guy has come down to $2400. It's still in his wife's Cobra. I'm going to ride in it next week. If it throws me back in my seat, I might just buy it and be done with it.

    It's gonna be hard to beat all that for $2400, don't you think?
  6. Chris, before you buy anything I'd contact Rick at I think you'll be surprised at what he can offer for a VERY reasonable price.

    Also, that DSS shortblock you are looking at is more than likely not over 10:1 compression with a 58cc head unless it has a slightly domed piston. A standard bore flat top with a 58cc head is only going to be in the mid 9's in terms of compression even with a thin head gasket.
  7. Paul, RNH hasn't responded to my email yet ... :shrug: I guess I'll try again, but I have to say that not responding promptly is a mark against them.

    The CR for the 331 short-block is reported to be 9.5:1 with 60cc chambers. 64cc chambers will get me closer to the 9.0:1 I am shooting for.

    Forging ahead, a realistic combo is finally starting to take shape ...

    - 331 short block, nodular crank, forged pistons and rods
    - Canfield 195 heads, 64cc chambers.
    - about 9.0:1 compression ratio
    - Jay Allen cam
    - Scorpion 1.6" rockers
    - Pro Products Typhoon Intake
    - Jet-Hot coated MAC long tubes
    - High-flow cat pipe
    - 42# injectors
    - Lightning MAF

    Jay Allen says that this should net around 350-375 hp at the wheels, on 87 octane gas (because of the compression), have all accessories, and be 50 state emissions legal. :nice:

    With that kind of power N/A, I don't need the blower!

    Assuming I can get $2000 for the KB (yes the price is going down), $500 for the Thumpers, $100 for the E/L shorty headers, and $250 for the Snow Methanol kit, I'm looking at a total cash outlay of about $2100. :cool:

    Of course, that goes down if I can find some acceptable used heads that already have springs that can handle Jay's cam.
  8. Chris, place your blower and other parts in the classified section over at Corral. Put up some good pictures in your post. I've sold all of my old parts (heads, intake, cam, injectors, fuel pump, gauges, CC Plates, piston rings etc, etc.) except for the 65mm TB in less than 3 weeks. Seems you get more responses in the Classified section over there than here. Check it out.
  9. it has been on corral for a while now.

    btw, it looks like 64cc chambers will give me 9.09:1 CR
  10. Blackvert I apoligize for not responding but I have not seen any e-mail from you. Please try sending it direct to me and I will see if I can help if you are still interested. [email protected]

    Paul, thanks for the heads up I have not had the time latley to be on SN like I normal did.
  11. No problem Rick. I have a few questions for you, so look for an email from me later. Thanks!
  12. i understand. i used this page:

    i'll get another one together and send it off before long...
  13. sounds like a nice combo chris
  14. thanks! it's starting to come together. here's where it is now:

    - 331 short block, nodular crank, forged pistons and rods
    - WP Windsor Senior ported heads, 64cc chambers (got a great price)
    - about 9.0:1 compression ratio
    - Jay Allen cam
    - Proform 1.6" rockers
    - Pro Products Typhoon Intake
    - Jet-Hot coated MAC long tubes
    - High-flow cat pipe
    - 42# injectors
    - Lightning MAF

    i'm getting part numbers together and stuff. i'll post it when i get it together and you guys can tell me what i'm missing.
  15. Chris

    The very instant I saw the name Proform ......................

    Red Flags of Caution went up.

    IIRC, here or over at the Corral I saw one or more threads where these rr's let go and tiny roller bearings went everywhere.

    I could be wrong so you would be wise to do the search thing to make sure.

  16. Stay away from the Proforms they are junk and will be nothing but a headache. I never heard back from you did my quote come through???
  17. will do

    yes, it came in at 7:27 pm today, thanks. i now have another viable option to throw into the mix.