blackvert's n/a buildup thread

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  1. FYI - Performer uppers and RPM uppers are swappable. RPM 2 uppers will not fit on a performer lower.

    "HP is for race cars, torque is for trucks." - Joe Sherman

    I wouldn't worry about low end grunt with a 408 stroker!

  2. They are MSD 8.5mm wires (summit #MSD-31189), the looms are made by R&M, (summit #RNM-1105S). The pic on the part on summit is for a chevy tho, so here is what they look like:

    View attachment 418719

    The price actually wasn't too bad, $39 ... I bought 2 sets of the looms by mistake, so if anyone wants them ... $44 shipped. :nice:
  3. i happen to have a typhoon sitting in my basement; i go it cheap when i was going to use it on my budget 331 build.

    if someone has a victor efi sitting around, i suppose i i could try that one too, but the cam is designed for a lower rpm range than the victor has.

    i'm going to get it dynoed before doing any polishing. if the performer turns out to be better, i'll send it off to charlie. otherwise, i'm good because the typhoon is already polished :nice:

  4. That's good on the typhoon. Make sure you don't forget that the RPM range for these intakes normally assumes that you have a 302. If you put an intake designed for idle-5500 for a 302 on a 410ci monster, it'll likely run out of steam WAY before 5500. It just can't keep up with the air flow demands of the engine. The RPM which might make peak power at 6000 on a 302 may peak at say 5500 or less on a 410.
  5. What kind of cam are you planning on running?

    That performer may choke it off real bad.....

    I am looking at a Super Vic EFI.

    BTW... I'll be running a 383W w/ Pro Topline 215cc heads
  6. it's a custom grind hydraulic roller cam set up for killer low end power. this is a 100% street car and don't see myself going to the track anytime in the forseeable future, and i almost never take it even up to 5000 rpm. i am going for maximum stoplight to stoplight fun, not high winding, engine screaming, 100+ mph blasts.
  7. Its your build and I respect the direction you have taken, but IMO I think you would enjoy the car more if its powerband were to be moved up into the higher RPM range. With the amount of toque the cubes alone are going to give you, I think you are going to have your hands full in terms of keeping it on the road. By trading a little of the off idle torque the car will have a better chance of planting the tires before all the power is unleashed so to speak. Good luck with it though Chris.
  8. fair enough. i'll see how it performs and if i am not happy with it, i'll change it.

    as time goes on, i can certainly change the intake and cam if i want to try something else. i doubt i'll have a reason to change the heads though.
  9. Sounds like a good plan. I agree that the heads will be fine and not need replaced.
  10. I gotta admit I was thinking like Paul when I saw that statement about not usually going above 5K rpms :)

    I was like ..........

    A purpose built b & b Windsor Stroker :banana: :nice:


    You wanna stop the fun so early :eek: :eek:

    That thing is gonna be UNBELIEVABLE :hail2:

    You ain't gonna be short shiftin :nono: ... ALL the time :rlaugh:

  11. Cam specs, from my cam card ...

    Cam grind # FW31125/31125-HR112
    Cam Serial # J 1987-06

    Duration at .050 - 230 / 230
    Lobe lift - .3400 / .3400
    Lobe seperation - 112
    Seat duration at 006 - 290 / 290
    Gross valve lift - .544 / .544
    Valve lash (hot) - Hyd / Hyd
    Degreee intake lobe to - 110 atdc
    Seat timing, int 5 BTDC 45 ABDC 110
    Seat timing, exh 49 BBDC 1 ATDC 114
  12. how much more do you gots to do to get er runin?

    cant wait to see it in the car!
  13. i brought the car and the engine to the shop on monday. he is not sure yet how long it will take.
  14. surprised they went with such a mild cam....
  15. I was thinking the exact some thing.

    Chris, I don't won't this to come across as negative, but I think your hopes are a bit high for a 500HP result from your combo based on the cam and intake choice alone. I mean this only to be constructive.
  16. i was kinda thinking along the same lines, but this guy has been building performance engines for a really long time and i am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    we'll see what the dyno says when we get there.
  17. I can't wait to see the results, I hope it surprises us all! Good luck!
  18. I agree. If it hits 410hp, you should smile! And I don't mean that to be mean, its just not gonna make near what you're hoping for.
  19. the 500+ i'm hoping for is at the flywheel. i am/was hoping for more like 450 at the wheels.

    as i have said earlier, i am not married to this combo. if it doesn't make me smile, then i'll change it,
  20. At least its at most a cam/intake swap...although a cam swap can be a PITA at least the rest is there. At least you can also get something out of the cam and intake to put to whatever you go with.