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  1. let me just clarify my goal a little more. for me, it is not really about the highest horsepower numbers. as we have seen with smaller cube motors, it may have a higher horsepower number on the dyno, but still be not as fast (or less fun to drive) because the torque isn't there until the rpms are way up there. for me, it is all about the torque curve in the rpm range that i drive 95% of the time ... when i'm cruising at 2500 rpms in 2nd or 3rd gear, i want to be pushed back in my seat when i step on it. i want to feel the power from 3000-4500 rpms.

    so i am going for a high flat torque curve. max power at 6000 rpm is meaningless to me.

    so i guess what i am saying is that i will be very happy if my torque curve is around 450 at the wheels from 3000-4500

    450 tq at 3000 rpm = 257 hp
    450 tq at 4500 rpm = 385 hp
    400 tq at 5252 rpm = 400 hp

    i would have every reason in the world to be happy with that.
  2. I know what you are talking about Chris. My dad's LT1 vert has something like 330ft [email protected] rpm. My car has more HP but it is fun driving when you hit it down low and it just goes without all the screaming!
  3. actually, pretty much all of the intakes are available with 351 lowers.

    the pro products stuff people say is ok, but you have to smooth out the injector ports and clean up the casting some.

    it has a 70mm opening so you would go with a 70mm t/b, or you could take it to a machine shop and have it honed out to75mm.

    i'm sure you have heard about the fitment issues with pro products stuff, so you would probably want to go with pro products stuff all through because i imagine the fitment is better if it is all their stuff.

    you can also go carb of course. single plane intakes are better for high rpm apps, double plane are more for the street.

    then there is the chp spyder, which looks killer, but i think that is also for high rpm apps or boost.
  4. A little off topic but I was driving around in the stang tonight. If you cruise in the 2500-3000 range my car snaps your head off. And it sounds awesome with those new flows. I must be nuts but still contemlating that 400+ci
  5. a few pics of it in the bay ...


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  6. oh man, what are you doing. now is the perfect time to hide all those wires in there. it wont take long to do it and its really worth it.

    looks good by the way.
  7. if i were doing the work, i would be hiding the wires. but the car is 75 miles away having the engine installed. i will hide the wires this summer when the kids are out of school and the evenings are warm
  8. Exciting!!!Please let us know your reactions when youget to drive it! My gears go in next week.
  9. awesome :nice: i never realized how high that lower was until it was in the car
  10. Its good to be seeing some progress :nice:
    I forget if you previously mentioned it but are you going to be using the polished tall valve covers that were on the engine like in your avatar pic? Looks real good now, I can't wait to see it with everything buttoned-up.
  11. the tall ones were too tall and hit the intake, and i don't want to use a spacer because i am already worried about getting it under my hood. but stock height valve covers clear the rockers (thank god!), so i got some stock height chrome covers.


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  12. with the intake and long tubes ... the blue stuff is just tape to protect the headers during installation. my mechanic says they fit great and he didn't have to do anything to them at all as far as making them not hit anything.

    he also said that it does fit under the hood; the only place that is sort of close is the front corner of the a/c compressor, which is about 1/2" from the hood.




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  13. I was wondering if I could use my existing headers if I stay with my Trick Flow heads. I re-iterated to Rick (the guy that is building the engine) that I want to be as close to 400rwhp or over if I can with passing emissions in MD and without too much "rock and roll" from the cam. I know he can't guarantee any of that but as long as we are in the ballpark I will be cool. I assume he will let me knw if we can't do it.

    What brand headers are you using BV? Did you decide which gears you are using ?
  14. they are kooks headers. :nice:

    i think the problem with 302 headers on a 351 is not how the headers fit with the heads, it is down below re clearance issues with the k-member and the other stuff down there.

    i'll drive it around for a while with the 3.73s, but i fully expect to end up with 3.27s

    i'm going to try passing emissions without the egr and smog pump by using a lean tune and/or some of that "guaranteed to pass" additive. i also plan to have a modular exhaust where i can swap in cats as need be for emissions testing.
  15. looks killer!! you must be pumped, i know i would be. how come you didnt paint the engine bay? any future plans on doing that?
  16. i am pumped. :banana:

    i haven't yet hidden the wires or painted the engine bay mostly because of logistical and time issues. the car was not running, and it was sitting in my driveway (not flat) with no heads or intake on it. since i have no garage, i couldn't take the hood off, pull out the engine, or basically do any of the work on it myself.

    on top of that, add the fact that i have two kids and a wife (who doesn't like me working on my car), and i don't have any time to do that stuff even if i had a place to do it.

    so i am basically :owned:

    i do plan to try to get it painted when i have the rest of the car painted.

  17. The "Guaranteed to Pass" stuff works wonders. I failed MD emissions by a significant amount running bbk shorties and a bassani X, used one bottle of GTP and passed well under the limit in all areas without having to do anything else :nice:
  18. Looking great! Getting close, this is so exciting! lol