1. uhhhhhhhhhhhh! OK
  2. from a fuel injected 4 cylinder to a carbed 351w v8....yeah thats the kind of fuel economy I want in a daily driver
  3. That's fine with me. Maybe I can buy that "piece of **** 2.3turbo" for 20 bucks. ;)
    Sorry buddy, but a 351W blows a 2.3turbo away easily... until you try to turn anyway. ;)
  4. I want a 351w for my 94GT :(
  5. I think it's more blasphemy that that one guy ruined a '79 Pace Car by swapping out the 2.3 turbo for a 5.0 efi :nonono:

    Anyway, I personally would like to get another Turbo Coupe and put a V8/5 speed in it. I love the Thunderbird body style, but Turbo Coupes had all the good stuff (4 wheel disc, 5 speed, nice interior, good suspension, etc). Ah, perhaps someday...
  6. First post was bad and then I read the moderator butchered a factory original 79 Pacecar and it pretty much went downhill from there and I couldnt read anymore
  7. the mullet theory strikes yet again.
  8. No joke that is just plain mad :fuss: :damnit: :puke: :doh:
  9. Man alot of hate here, there were alot of 2.3l pacecars built and my car could easily be converted back to original since everything bolted right up and required no cutting. So all of you people who say I butchered my car can bite me because its just that MY CAR and I left the interior and exterior 95% stock. Sorry if I dont like anemic POS 25 year old 4 cylinders, I kinda like power.
  10. I saw this before and still can't belive some guys feel they have small balls
    with a small engine. There has to be something not wired in their minds. It's
    not like you can stick the damn engine in your pants.
  11. I dont feel that way at all, I actually tried to keep the original T-2.3l, it had 174,000 miles on it. I dumped alot of money into it trying to keep it original but I just couldn't get it to run right so I took the easy more traveled way out. Sorry if because of my experiences with the 2.3 Im not a big fan of them and sorry Im not rich and cant afford to have fixed up the original motor the way it was supposed to be done. You guys are alittle too touchy on this subject, its not like I dropped in a chevy motor or anything.
  12. Why not? I mean, if you can't figure a ford motor out, just drop a chevy motor in!

  13. Ouch Cougar, nice but a very good & true comment indeed
  14. You guys are real douche bags, screw you. You know what! in light of all of this I think Im gonna convert the front and rear bumber to 87-93 style and the 1/4 windows too. Then Im gonna install an sn95 interior and burn every part of the car that I take off.
    You guys act like I conpletely changed the identity of MY CAR when I didn't, in fact my car is now more rare than yours because theres far less EFI 5.0 pacecars in the world and alot of people dont know the difference anyway. Again screw all of you guys who flamed me for my hard work and may your little POS 2.3l explode and burn down your homes.
    You guys are practicly the ricers of the mustang world.
  15. Relax man. Everyone has their opinion.

    If you like what you did then why do you care about what others think. This is just a forum.
    And don't insult the 2.3N/a or turbo especially when you are in the 2.3 forum. Not cool and you are asking for ****. So don't overreact when they burn you back.
    The 2.3's are near indestructible and when built right can move and handle just as well as a 5.0.
  16. I know they can but when they are built up like that they aren't very streetable. I dont think Im overreacting. I was nice to those guys and tried to explain my situation but the flaming never stopped. I honestly dont think the 2.3l is a pos I was just speaking out of frustration. I dont have alot of money and the 5.0 was the cheapest way out for me. I dumped alot of money into that 2.3 and it began to become too expensive. It only costed me $700 for a wreaked 88 mustang and when I was gone with the wireing it fired right up and the only problems I've had are sensors like the A.I.C. going out.
    Sorry if my car offends you guys but I didnt build it for you, I built it for me and so far alot people like what I've done to it.
  17. Hmm smart comment, I couldn't figure out one ford engine so that means that I should go over to the dark side, as far as Im concerned the 2.3l section of stangnet is the darkside.
  18. Real nice, man. :rolleyes:

    Do you still have the engine or know where it is. I could use some parts.
    Let me know.

    And no offense But stop typing when you are frustrated.

    Unstreetable? They are very streetable. Look at some of the 2.3 owners' cars. I think 140's car is the only unstreetable car since it will forever live on jackstands. :D
  19. LOL, I have parts if you need a carberated turbo intake manifold, I also have a turbo but Im gonna make a jet engine out of it since it has 174,000 miles on it and Im not sure anyone would want it. I have a list of other things too but I did sell the engine and the SROD 4 speed that was in it.

    BTW I cant stop typing when its my car and my work Im attempting to defend, I find it pointless and Im not going to reduce myself to flaming other members anymore no matter what they say. (I've obviously calmed down lol)

    Sorry if I offended anyone but you guys started it and realy irritated me.