1. Thanx for the negative emotion there. I just cast a spell on you and
    everything you wished on us will happen to you or the ones you love.
    If you publicly apologize then it will lift, otherwise, buy black tie.

    P.S. Small dick man, 4 cylinders does not equal rice. On the other hand your stickers do. Multiple "my little ponies" on the side of your car is fruity.
  2. I wasn't talking about 4 cylinders being rice, I was talking about your attitudes. If I got rid of all of my stripes and horses wouldn't I just be ruining my car even more, or is it only the drivetrain that dictates whether or not a car is ruined?
    BTW I did appologise look at the thread above yours. I also think that I have a right to say evil things after more than half of you guys took a crap on my hard work.
  3. :rlaugh: you make no sense but it's still offensive and funny.

    Calling his car blasphemy would make a turbo 2.3 god. I dunno. How much for the intake manifold? did you get rid of the carb?
  4. Nomuffler: you do realize he has a carbed intake manifold, right? completely different from the EFI's.
  5. yeah, I want to go carb if I go N/A. The ports on the head side are the same right? Id on't know to much about the turbcars, especial the carb'd ones.
  6. You cant use the intake I have unless you use a turbo with it because the turbo fits between the carb and intake ports. I dont have the carb anymore because it was junk, it was warped and wouldn't let the car idle right. An chaka has already pm'd me with requests on the intake manifold but I will list everything I have left over from my 2.3 tomarrow.
  7. Whoa! anyone have any pictures of that? between the carb and intake ports? I may not know much about the turbofords, but........
  8. The turbo sucks air in through the carb then forces the fuel gas mixture through the turbo and into a hole that leads into the intake ports.

    See Im not a complete 2.3l dummy I just had bad luck.
    This is the best pic I could find. [​IMG]
  9. WOW! aitn't that somthin' is that the only way they work?
  10. I think he's right when he calls his old motor a POS. It's a carbed turbo engine... it's practically stone age so unless originality is your thing (and a 170,000 mile car like this will never really be worth anything in the collector world in our lifetimes), it'll be hard to miss it. I know carbs are a big racer thing (mainly in the domestic world these days), but for daily use and turbo, EFI is the way to go.

    I'd have at least kept it a 2.3T though. Ford's turbo engines might have been a little fling, but when you get more power out of a 4-cyl than a 8-cyl 5.0 with a $10 boost controller mod... You do the math ;)

    If you're happy with your car though, congratulations! My 2.3 "thing" is what I can afford to play with. I don't hate it, but I'd really rather be messing with a Toyota MR2. And for all car peeps, being happy with the car you have is what it's all about. If someone's in it for what other people think, he or she will never really be happy with the car.

  11. I love my car and I realy wish I knew alot about 2.3s and had the money to build up a nice one, because thats what I was initialy planning on doing untill I realized later the condition the motor was in. I also like the cheapness and tourqe of 5.0s. If you guys want pics of my car let me know, lets just end the flaming and stick to constructive critizim.

    BTW if my car were an SVO we wouldn't have had this arguement because I would sell it to someone with money before I even got close to it with a V8.

    I will also put a pic of the intake manifold up so you guys who dont know much about the carbed versions can see.
  12. thanks, I don't know about this 2.3 takes money to build though. I mean Stinger only has a couple (few?) thousnd into his car and it's a pretty ideal turboford. hell look at MikeSVOR's car.
  13. check your PM's nomuffler
  14. thanks
  15. Well I say they take money but I mean mine would have, It needed completely rebuilt and a better turbo set up and EFI which would have cost alot on to of what I had already spent on the engine. It was cheaper for me to go with the 5.0 because I paid $700 for a wreaked 88 mustang and got all the drivetrain peices I needed and 225hp and 300 foot pounds of tourqe.
    I dont plan on putting a 2.3l bach in the car but If I sell it, it wont be that hard for the new owner to do it.
  16. I went and looked at what I have left over from the 2.3 so heres all I got, Carb turbo intake manifold, radiator, turbo exhaust manifold with a broken waste gate (this peice fits on the back of the turbo). Im having trouble with my picture host so as soon as I get that worked out I will have some pics for you guys.