bleeding for the ones that are home alone

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  1. ok, got the new wheel cylinder on,new mc on, and im ready to bleed. is there a way i can do this by myself short of putting a 45lb dumbbell on the pedal and bleeding them that way. im by myself and would like to know if there is another procedure. if there isnt then ill do the dumbbell trick. i think i read that it can be done. also when i bleed the lines do i open the mc or keep it closed? i would assume closed because i would believe that air can still get in through the open mc. thanks in advance
  2. If you had a pressure bleeder (forces brake fluid under pressure into the master cylinder), you could do it alone, but then you wouldn’t have asked the question.

    If you had speed bleeder valves (bleeder screws that have internal check valve), you could do it alone, (though you’d be hard pressed to see air bubbles coming out of a hose on the rear passenger side while you’re stepping on the brakes) but then you still wouldn’t have asked the question.

    If you have beer, grab a neighbor.

    I always leave the master cylinder lid on when bleeding brakes.
  3. you can gravity bleed them, some cars bleed easier than others with this method. Just fill the master, leave the top off, and open a bleeder until it is all fluid , then go to the next. I usually start with the closest first when i gravity bleed, seems to go faster. frt/left, frt/right, rear/left, rear/right
  4. Worth is correct, but it is time consuming. I used this method when replacing fluid in my hydrolic clutch of the F150.
  5. flagged the guy grading the dirt road and paid him 10 bucks to hold the pedal,1/2 hour later i have awesome braking power(and i didnt even use a tube and jar)but will invest in some speed bleeders, anyone know where to get them at? i.e local? or order? thanks for the input
  6. kragens has them
  7. My word, this thread got pulled out of moth balls. I wonder if he is still waiting for the answer? :D
  8. I copied someone's design and made a pressure bleeder that pressurizes the MC with a garden sprayer. Don't forget to bench bleed the MC first.