Blend Door Actuator

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  1. I need to replace my blend door actuator for the air conditioning. I am out of my bumper-to-bumper warranty, so I am doing it myself. I am not worried about the cost of the part, but I am not exactly sure how to get to the part.

    I don't want to crack and destroy the molding and brackets on this car like I used to on my old junk cars whenever I needed to get into the dash; what is the proper way/method to get in to replace the old part?
  2. You need to borrow a set of interior "spoons" and get a diagram of the interior parts and see how they come apart in which order.
  3. Like everyone else I speak with about any repair, I encourage you to get the factory service manual for any car you plan to work on consistently yourself. It will save you headaches and make you a great resource here, as well. I haven't got into my dash yet, but the FSM will definitely give you the detail you need to do it without breaking stuff.
  4. I replaced the actuator and it didn't fix the problem. Just makes a different noise with the new part. It is likely that the gears attached to the door are slipping. Gotta dig in some more :(.
  5. I found the issue- it is a different actuator. There are a few actuators used to blend the airflow on these cars. This one is located- just like the sound- behind the radio (but you can't get to it if you remove the radio, only from the glove box). Anybody know what the name for this part is? It seems to have to do with the windshield defrost setting as it always clicks when I put it on defrost.
  6. The faulty part is the HEATER REGULATOR ENGINE, part # AR33-19E616-BB.

    Pulled the part from its blend door and the noise stopped...which scared me. I though maybe something in the transmission of the blend door itself was broken (but it was working!?).

    So, if you grab the actuating gear on the little motor and offer/put resistance on it, it will make the sound, which is likely the sound of one of the internal gears slipping/skipping. Going to have to get this part from FoMoCo as nobody seems to even know about these babies.
  7. For future reference, there are three actuators: 19E616A, 19E616B, and 19E616C. Be sure to diagnose exactly which one is going bad when you hear the "clicking" sound.

    In my case, it is 19E616B. Looks like one of the little gears inside is tilting and slipping. Poor construction/design option.
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  8. Hey, I'm having a similar problem. Is this picture of the one that you had to replace (red arrows) DSC01908edit.jpg ? Did the replacement work for you?
  9. Yes- the one with the red arrows. Pretty difficult to get to if you don't have patience. It is the one right behind the center section of your dash, as you already know. It controls the floor blend.

    On a side note, the electronic lumbar support crapped out on me a few months ago; felt like plastic snapping, so that will need fixed. Now I remember exactly why I stopped buying domestics 10 years ago.
  10. Did you have to remove the air bag module to get to that? We have a similar noise, happens when you switch from defrost& floor to panel vents....only then. Seems like the noise comes from up high in the dash.......
  11. No. You will have to remove the glove box. Once you figure out what you are doing, it's a 30-minute job.
  12. Thanks BlackBuggy -- Yeah, I had figured it out. Man , its not impossible but what a pain. LOL. I ordered the part from Rock Auto and gave the Dorman part (#604-262) a try ....$10 plus shipping-- but found that the part does not fit as they redesigned the case a bit...slightly wider in two dimensions so it hits the floor vent ducts and will not line up properly with the lower bolt hole. So I am going to order a different brand. I guess Motorcraft is the direct replacement.....and only $10...... but seeing as this one is having issues with only 32k miles on it, may consider the more expensive alternative ($20).
  13. I'm getting this Clack noise only when I start the car. It makes 4 or 5 Clacks then stops. Today I turned the heat from 65 to 75 and it started clacking again, 4 or 5 times then stopped. Which one do you guys think is bad? Thanks for helping.
  14. Same problem here. When I start the car it makes 10-15 clacks. Then stop. I can't detect which actuator is the problem. Removing just the glovebox I'll have access to all actuators? Thanks
  15. Yeah, you just pull the glovebox down and then you can access two of the three relatively easily.....put your finger on it and have someone work the controls etc or disconnect wiring from one and test, etc........cant tell just by listening.. If you are blessed, it will be one of the two lower ones....there is one waaaaaaaaaay up top that I have no idea how I would get to it...LOL.....pull dash apart at that point I guess. Good luck.
  16. Have the same problem. I ordered what was advertised as AR33-19E616-BB but what I got was AA5Z-19E616-C. I'm not sure if I should return it or not as it appears to be the exact same motor as the original aside from the top half being white plastic. Any one know if they are interchangeable?
  17. You have to make sure you get the right one. They are different shapes and the moldings have screw holes in different positions. It depends which one went bad on you. There are three if I remember correctly.
  18. Has anyone attempted to replace the one found way up in the dash? I've got one going out, and I suspect it to be that one.
  19. If you look up the exploded parts schematic from the Ford/Motorcraft site, it should give you an idea of what would be in the way of your replacement. Might have to visualize and use your imagination a little.
  20. I have similar issue...ticking noise when i turn on the ac. I tried to remove all 3 of actuators but still the noise i missing something?

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