Electrical Blew Up My Alternator!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Yellow302, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. I have had it maybe in the car for 1 month, took it for 1 20 mile ride. working good.

    today I finaly am getting on the car. pull to 4k rpm and POP... BUZZZZZ, it sounded like i was dragging a belt the whole way home. I pop the hood, belt is on. There is an electrical buzz sound coming from the alternator now.

    Could the bearing have gone in it? I youtubed some videos and the noise is simmilar to those that state the berring is gone.

    Any enlightenment to this would be great.
  2. Also sounds like pebels in a can.
  3. Can a low battery, lets say 11.9v kill an alternator?
  4. A low battery can overload an alternator and damage it yes. Don't look at the voltage on the battery, do a full test on it to see how low the charge is.

  5. It's far more likely that a bad alternator would kill the battery rather than the reverse.

    That's the sound of worn ball bearings rattling inside the bearing races.
    You could either replace your alternator altogether or have it reconditioned with new front/rear bearings, regulator, and brushes.
  6. Agreed. You probably just got a bad alternator. Either way, it should have a warranty right?

  7. Yup, it is warrantyed. I just got the replacement in today. I dont have time to swap it out until next weekend. Hopefully that is all.