Engine Block Filler ?'s

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  1. Hey guys, I am normally on the 4.6 side of the house but, my race motor has now changed to a SBF instead of a mod motor soooo...

    Anyone have any experience with engine block filler?

    I was going to fill my race motor to the water pump, run a high volume electric water pump and a good oil cooler. It will be a race only motor never to be driven on the street. Good heads/valvetrain, forged internals, main girdle on the bottom end, good intake, carbed and turbo with 4 core inter cooler.

    And, yes, I did use the search feature first.

    Thanks for the help, guys!
  2. Up to the water jackets should be fine make sure when you fill the block you have a set of heads torqued down to spec mounted on the block, also put on the main girdle. Leave it there for all to set up. I also fill it before I machine it as well however it is best to talk to the machinist you use.

    Why the swap from the mod?

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  3. Because I picked up a 302 long block in GREAT shape with forged pistons, main girdle, high volume oil punp, and all ARP hardware (including oil pump shaft) holding it all together for $200. That, and my budget just shrunk a little so, it will be a SBF with blow through carb and single turbo set up.

    Basically, all i need now are a forged crank and rods to go with the pistons, heads, cam, intake and carb and I'm done. I have priced it out both ways and I can do all that way cheaper than a mod motor.

    Thanks for the advice!