Block Preperation. (PLEASE LOOK)

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  1. What is the best method of preparing the block to receive its new head gaskets, I have already taken an air grinder and a fine grit wire wheel and removed everything i can see. it's shiny and looks good but it still feels kinda slick just wondering

  2. Sounds like you got it...I follow that with a Acetone oR Laquer thinner wipe down til the rags show clean.....the old graphite and the wire wheel should have left a nice residue.... :D
  3. yeah that thing was a disaster andy, i finallyl got my heads back yesterday, and i am gettin anxious as a motha.. I also sanded it a little with 600 grit then 1000 frit and then some paint thinner. let it sit and evaporate, and now they are going back on.

    I brought my laptop to the garage so that i could get on here quick if i needed some help

    thanks again rio
  4. I would go without the air grinder. You can very easily cause an uneven surface. You may think it is perfect by looking at it but down to the tolerance level, you can screw it up. Your best bet is the acetone/laquer thinner and then some scotch brite. Dont go to rough with it. The manual labor is for your benefit, so you can feel what is happening. The air tools are on their own, and you cant really control them.
  5. the wheel that was on the grinder is just like a very soft wire brush, and i don't think it is possible for it to actually remove any metal.
  6. Those rubber wheels, is that the ones they make for removing gaskets??? My son used something like that and it worked the balls....Green rubber fingers....

    I for one wouldnt grind around them pistons...all those grindings.. :nonono: don't know about the paint thinner as a cleaning agent to prep that surface....thats oil based i believe.....get something like acetone or laquer thinner..i may be wrong here tho.... :shrug:
  7. well, the heads are on the block now, and already torqued down. All i have left to do in the morning is the intake and the rr, injectors, etc.

    i plan on being done by lunch.

    Andy: i don't know if the paint thinner is oil based but it seemed to evaporate well, and i cleaned the surface right before the heads went on with some scotchbrite green. Hopefully i won't have any probs. and if i do i will prob. pay someone to do it next time.

  8. I was just throwing that out...prolly not even an issue....sounds like she's coming round... :nice: Now all you gotta do is get the dizzy in correct.... :D
    Use four studs on that intake, one in each corner to help it set down even...

    Must be nice..its snowing like a mofo here.... :mad: BUT....tommorrow we get to hammer on the snow machines.... :D
  9. i dont have studs on my intake, i am just using the factory bolts, with that said what is going to be the best way to set it down even, would you use the rubber pieces on the ends form the fel-pro kit or would you use just some rtv.. it took me two hours this morning to find some dowells for the block to the heads.
  10. do yourself a favor and take a hike to a hardware store and get 4 1/4x2" allen studs or cheapo bolts you can cut the heads off...that way its no problem, it'll set down nice and even...TQ in 3 steps..
    i use those blue rubbers only...never a leak in like 4 times having it off.....just RTV in the corners for like an inch....the felpro gaskets all have notches, so the intake ones will connect right in the head gaskets, you'll see...
    don't RTV on top of or under those Blue silicone seals, not supposed to...only do up the corners once you have the gaskets in place....
  11. I was just about to suggest that. It has always has worked for me. When you fire her up, make sure to check for all the usual stuff, air leaks, vacuum leaks, etc.

    OT: Rio, how's the snow up there? I heard it is a lot worse than what we got down here. I got to fire up the new Ariens snowblower that my Mom bought over the summer. The things got an 11 HP motor...its pretty ignorant. When it was all said and done, we got about 8-9 inches between the two hits. Good luck up there :nice:.


  12. on a cast iron block?
  13. Joe...where right into that storm right now....don't have alot of inches yet...winds howling like a mofo....def got the cars out from under the trees... :nice:

    11HP...its pretty ignorant....LMAO on that one....Cool....
    mine blew the impeller bearing...i just picked the freakin thing up yesterday.... :bang: But i was able to scam a loaner.... :D