Blocks : Dart vs FRPP vs World product vs other ??? Vote here

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Good aftermarket 302 block

  1. Dart

  2. FRPP

  3. World Products

  4. Other

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  1. Name good aftermarket blocks ,whats HP/TQ rating ,up or downs for each one

    Sportsman 302
    World product

    BTW i talkin about 302 aftermarket blocks
  2. if i had the money i would still be buying a dart block over FRPP.
  3. Ernan, here's my response from SCS:

    And JJ95GTID, if you want to compare the ford boss block to the dart, it needs to be to the dart sportsman like I have and not the iron eagle that you linked to. Once you do, these blocks are within $100 of each other. Like I said above, the new boss block might be great, but with Ford's past history on their "claims" on their blocks I certainly wouldn't want to be the guinea pig especially over $100 difference between it and a dart.
  4. Looks like Dart Sportsman block is way to go since Iron Eagle isn't machined to accept hydraulic lifters

    Now lets talk about where to get one ,summitracing have only Iron Eagle blocks no Sportsman

    Paul i checked and they don't have Dart blocks for Fords (only for Chevy's) or meybe i didn't look realy good ?
  5. Good to know Paul. Thanks for setting me straight. :nice:
    I am hoping the BOSS block will work out for Ford.
  6. The January 07 edition of 5.0 magazine has a big 5 page write up on the new Ford Boss 302 block. Its a big improvement over the Ford R302 block, and it costs less!!

    But I have seen free shipping on Dart blocks so the price between the Boss and the dart sportman would probably be very close.
  7. DART 100%... I refuse to buy anything from a company that doesn't stand behind their product.... FRPP can kiss my ass.

    FRPP parts carry no warranty whatsoever... I got a set of 4.10's from them that were machined wrong... They had alot of runout, and they would not do anything about it... I made lots of calls, lots of complaining and I got nowhere...
  8. Run the dart, as paul said, dont be a gunniea pig!
  9. Wow Paul, very helpful post. Pretty cool idea going dart 302 cause you can throw ANYTHING at it!!

    BTW isn't summit great..point click and ship for good or bad, lol.