Blocks, heads, Valve covers, oil pans, if you don't see it ask...

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  1. Intakes, Heads, Valve Covers, Blocks, and so on.

    Trying to clean out my storage.

    Stock E7 Heads------------------------$50
    Stock Mustang Intakes----------------$25
    Cobra Intake---------------------------$300
    Explorer Intake------------------------$100
    Ford Shorty Headers-------------------$125
    Stock Block-----------------------------$125 Some have crank, rods, and piston
    Stock Valve Covers---------------------$25
    Moroso Valve Covers-------------------$35
    Pro Comp Distributor *NIB*------------$100
    Stock Crank------------------------------$20
    Stock Rods-------------------------------$20
    Stock Forged Pistons (8)-----------------$20
    Stock Camshaft---------------------------$20
    Stock Oil Pan------------------------------$35
    Stock Alternator (can also use for a core)---$35
    Stock Starter-------------------------------$40
    Stock Timing Covers-------------------------$50

    If there is something you need let me know. I will not pay for shipping that is for the buyer. I will ship if you would like me to. I don't have a problem with anyone coming to pick it up. All products are still usable and are as is.
  2. explorer intake and e7 heads..would you ship to 04073.if so whats the total price
  3. More info on the Pro Comp Dizzy if still available please. Thanks.

  4. More info on the cam. PM sent
  5. The Camshaft is stock 88-91 camshaft out of the mustang for the 302...
  6. ProComp Dist.

    Here is what there site says about it.

    Pro Billet 9000 Series Electronic Distributor

    Pro Billet Distributors are designed for enthusiasts that are serious about performance.

    The PC - 9000 features the following:

    CNC machined from Billet 6061-T6 Aluminium to give them precision tolerances, high strength and incredible endurance.

    The Billet Distributors are equipped with a large cap that has "spark plug" style terminals for secure wire attachment and maximum protection against crossfire.

    Extremely accurate magnetic pickup which never requires adjustment followed by an easy-to-adjust mechanical advance assembly.

    Precision weights glide on nylon for smooth advancement and different springs are available so a variety of advance curves can be tuned.

    The ?" steel shaft that spins the advance and reluctor is guided by a sealed ball bearing and long sintered bushing.

    This combination provides stable timing signals and spark delivery at any RPM.

    View attachment 225898

    Do you need to know anything else about it?

    Sorry for the delay.
  7. What year exactly?
    Miles on part?

    Going to need more info, and hopefully a picture if Im going to buy this.
  8. $20 for a stock camshaft? Not to be mean but I will throw it away before I go through all the trouble. I don't know the exact miles, year and condition is used cam out of a running motor. I don't sell junk and I'm not in the business to make money I'm trying to get rid of parts I have laying around. I can and will go through hoops to help people but I'm not pulling it out of a shortblock to find out you don't want it and someone wants the short block.

    You can buy a short block for $125 or Pistons $20, Crank $20, Rods $20, Camshaft $20, Oil Pan $35, Valve Covers $25 and get the block to go with it for $15 less? You'd be better off buying the short block for $125....
  9. Do you happen to have an A9L comp, and wiring harness?
  10. What year was that? I have an A9 but for an auto car I think. Harness to but let me look
  11. gt40p heads

    hey if you can get gt40p heads and intake off a explore or whateve let me know price shiped to me area code 60448! thanks (708) 336-0151
  12. hey, do you have any stock blocks left? If so do you have any that havent been bored yet i'm looking for one that has the stock 4.000 bore and preferably one that doesnt have any gouging in the cylinders so it will not need to be bored. Let me know im interested
  13. Rods and pistons to 33760? Thanks.
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