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  1. What cam is recommended for a stock block 302 with AFR165's, cobra intake and super charged? I really like that old muscle car sound!
  2. ive seen alot of people use the B303 from ford racing. theres plenty of cams out there for boosted applications just gotta find the one you want.
  3. The Ford Racing cam would be a E303 or F303 although there are a bunch or other shelf grinds out that will work very well with a basically stock shortblock and the blower.

    Personally I'd go custom and get the most bang for your buck, driveability and power. I can help you if interested.

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  4. Steeda 19??
  5. Has anyone had any experience with the Comp blower cam 284HR-14? Was wondering how it would work with a stock bottom end. Piston to valve clearance...etc?