Blower problem!

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  1. When I turn the knob to turn the heater on, no matter what selection I make, A/C, vent, floor, mix, etc, the air only blows through the very top vents (the ones that defrost the front windshield). What could cause this?

    BTW, I just did a clutch install, so I was underneath the car, and I had to disconnect the clutch cable from the quadrant, so could I have possibly disconnected something?

    Once we got the clutch back in, I drove the car that night, and the blower worked fine! But the next day or two, it only blew through the defroster vents.

    It is like the switch on the panel will only select the defroster! Could it be toast?

    I love electrical problems!
  2. EASY FIX..Just did this..Thanks to Roger (Green94 5.0)

    The big black vacuum box on the drivers side near the front under the hood........

    Follow one of the tiny hoses that run from that along the front of the fire wall towards the passanger side (took me 20 seconds to find).

    That is the vaccuum hose...You will find a crack in it somewhere, probably near the connector fitting. Put a piece of elec/duct tape for now and see if that solves it (it should). If so, just get a new connector piece and replace or a new piece of tubing.

    LITERALLY: Roger diagnosed and help fix the problem in 5 minutes over the phone.

    LET US KNOW IF IT HELPS.. a search..there was a recent post on this

  3. he he.....apparently that plastic vacuum line has about a 10 year lifespan. ;)

  4. LOL, that is rediculous! I will try Friday night and post back Saturday morning!

    Thanks for the help! I need to check some vacuum lines anyway; I didn't think about that!!!

  5. IT's funny how a lot of my problems from the last 2 years keep surfacing up on here:

    1. Power window gear.
    2. This A/C issue.
    3. Fog lights cracking and water getting in.
    4. Tensioner for belt.
    5. TC shuttering.

    At least I still have MY health :rlaugh:

    Hey Dingo(I like the sound of that), let us know how it comes out!
  6. blower problem

    thanks for the postings. i had the same problem, air to windshield only. my leak was at the turn next to the auto trans dipstick. you saved me ton's of time and money. thanks, by the way i just cut out the bad section and spliced it with some rubber vacuum hose. it worked great. thanks again. :hail2:
  7. No probs...I felt the same way as you when Roger helped me (green94 5.0)
    The best thing is I called him on the phone while he was working, he diagnosed and helped me fix it right away!
  8. Well, I finally got around to fixing the vacuum leak. I found the problem in a minute or two. The a/c vacuum line is labled "a/c" in the tree. Easy to follow!

    When I was installing my clutch, I forgot to put the EGR tube OVER the transmission cross member, so my friend fiddled with the tube from the top trying to get it over cross member. Well, he broke it the vacuum line in the process! :lol: With all that fiddling, he still couldn't get it over, so I had to take the cross member back out just to put the tube over it. But it only took 5 minutes with the pneumatic air gun.

    So, now I get to make fun of him!!! :nice:

    Thanks RC for the help. Your "guide" was priceless. I would be at a complete loss without it!

    I got back in the car after I "patched" the leak, turned the knob to vent, and guess what! Still blowing out the top. Then I thought, hmmmmmm. Vacuum only works when the car is ON!!!! Started the motor, and whalaaah.

    But i noticed that the vent on the right (passenger side) doesn't blow that much. When I close the other vents, it blows fine! Is that normal, or do I need to take the dash apart and look for a disconnected air routing tube?

    Frankly, I don't care because I don't sit there, but if I ever take the dash apart for something else, I might look at it.


  9. Yeah, and if you took it to a shop, they would have put on a new hose, told you that "the compressor cylinder head was mis aligned with the vacuum control cylinder, causing the extrapolation of forward ventilation to circumvent through the window vents instead of the front vents." :confused: would have gotten a bill for about $25 parts and $400 Labor :bs: :notnice:

    Your welcome...and thanks to Roger :nice:

  10. If I heard those words out of a mechanic, I would :jaw:

    I think I might pay $425 to hear you say that 10 times fast!!!

    Extrapa......ex........exfoliate? Que????

    I have learned my lesson with shops. Some LOVE to charge you more than they quote you. That is what really gets me going. If I can remove my transmission to do a clutch on jackstands, I can do almost anything. That will be my philosophy until I screw up my car.
  11. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Ive had some fun at work confusing the hell out of people who know nothing about cars,

    My 3 fave ones are

    Oh that noise is your Muffler Bearings, There shot.

    You better get a wheel gasket, Its leaking

    I just finished your tune up and you were out of headlight fluid so I added some

    People are like, Really??? Thanks!

    Obviously I tell them Im kidding :D
  12. I have a better one. I like to tell people that I need to buy some convertible top fluid. They all :shrug:

    Damn hydraulic systems. At least my clutch is cable powered.