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  1. I decided to create a build thread. Partially becuase Im lacking motivation. Mostly, I just like sharing the build experience with all of you. I gave my GF a 12.1 MP digi cam that I will use later on down the road once everything is buffed and polished.
    Feel free to subscribe!! I apreciate any positive motivational comments :D
    Ask any questions - Id be happy to answer. Im not a super sneaky drag racer hiding my setup combo.

    Started welding fender apron panels

    Recent eng pic

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  2. lookin good so far.
  3. Id also like to take the oppurtunity to thank a few people:
    Thanks Dave- Mansonozz- for powdercoating the brackets
    Also thanks to Matt- Casper98gt- for purchasing my ENTIRE last setup to help fund this project
    Also- thanks to Sproutv6 for fabbing the apron panels
    and thanks to everyone in general that Ive delt with in the past wether it have been selling parts or exchanging technical info etc.

    Sorry for the corny/sappy speech but I feel the need to show my apreciation.
  4. looks sick! what heads and cam are you running??? and i assume thats a gt-40 lower, at least thats what it looks like.
  5. gt40 lower , AFR 185s, comp cams NX264HR-14 ( .512 .512 lift 264/276 duration 114LSA). Spraying with Snow Meth MAF-setup.
  6. nice get at it!
  7. looks awesome so far man...

    as for motivation...stick to it, and if you get frustrated with it, stop for a month or so at a time.

    I got so tired of my project at times and i felt like giving up but I and took some time off to get re-motivated and then went back at it.

    Judging by the looks of it, It will be worth it in the end!!!:nice:
  8. should be a torque monster. you better reinforce the seat brackets on the floor because i bet it will pull real hard. you may break the seats :nice: :rolleyes:
  9. First warm day of the year!!

    Gathered up the rest of the parts I have yet to install (besides the motor)

    Aeromotive Comp Fuel system w/ pump controller
    Anderson power pipe , SCT 2400 MAF
    UPR tubular k member and control arms
    QA1 coilovers
    SN95 spindles-m2300k brake setup


    Still working on the engine bay- Next weekend I will be finishing up the body work (hopefully)


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  10. Siemens Deka 60# injectors

    Rockin the Stock hood-Stealthy and overall in great need of paint due to chips/scratches, but I need to colormatch it black w/ blue pearl anyways.
  11. I wanna see those brackets in place :nice:
  12. Look's great, Im in the infancy of a similar build, Im going to bring my motor to the machine shop soon.
  13. How much were those panels if you dont mind me asking? I live close to you (reletively) so I could gauge off your shipped price for what I might pay. Been thinking about doing them when my motor gets changed.
  14. PM V6sprout ( (From our neighbor to the north..canada) I believe it was around $100 for the pair, and its thick steel. They are actually bent for SN95, but the fox is pretty close and requires a little trimming near the radiator support.

    very happy with fit and finish. I still need to locate the passenger 4" opening to allow use of my powerpipe, but ill just go ahead and add that to the list of things to do.
  15. Yeah? I plan to not have any CAI or piping going in there, so no worries on that. :D
  16. Hello Mr. Bell:)

    Lookin good
  17. Pickd up a Mach 1 hood on a trade- what do you think...paint her up????

  18. get the 2.5" one :D

    Or at least cut the vent holes out. yucky