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  1. how much do you have into the custom gauge cluster?
  2. Into the idea, ~$700. Into this specific iteration, ~$200
  3. Well from this point onwards is the product of my younger brothers’ design with some insight from me. To start the back seats have been slightly modified with the mustang logo rivet to the tops and some minor red stitch. As you can see in the picture below the back seats remain and are fully functional. So if you plan on transporting midgets (as they are the only people who could possibly fit under the cage cross bar) you are all set.


    Now what’s concealed behind the back seats is in my opinion a cool idea. As you can see in the picture below the back seats or should I say seat folds down as one complete assembly to reveal the speaker boxes and crossover. This sub box is completely integrated into the frame of the car. Integrated into the back of the seats is the front four speaker amp and central capacitor. The two front switches are for enabling the front speakers and to enable the sub box lighting which I will show in my next post. Now I’m not too much of a stereo person, so if you have any specific questions about this setup I will try and relay them onto my brother.


    Now on to the trunk. This I think my far is going a little overboard and I had to interject to keep my brother from going completely out of control. As you can see in the pic below my brother carried on the carbon fiber theme as a recessed stripe down the center and onto the raised floor. On the left side of the floor is the sub amp and to the right is the battery box with the fuel pump speed controller. In the center is an acrylic plate which was reverse etched with an led strip directed along the edges. If you know much about this process the results are light floating affect at night (next post). In addition to this the perimeter of the raised floor has integrated light which provides a floating affect at night when the hatch is open. For those of you who are wondering what the circle on the raised floor is for: that’s the methanol reservoir fill point.

    Note: Since the box is completely integrated into the frame of the car I worked out in advanced removable side plates so that the shocks can be accessed.


    Well I believe that covers the major points of the interior. The next update post I will try and provide all the night pictures of all the stuff in action.

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  4. As promised the night pictures (pictures taken in the garage). Again picture quality isnt the greatest. I think something was on the lens in some.

    Note: Notice the hazard and defrost lights are red as well. This was an extreme pain to do.

    As you can see in the picture above the foot wells both front and back have flood lighting. This lighting is activated once a door is opened.

    This is a picture of the front passenger foot well.

    AC Cluster

    The pics above are of the top and bottom lighting of the sub box. This is activated by the back seat switch mentioned in my previous post.

    The mustang logo shown above is a two pane side lit acrylic glass which was reverse etched.

    The raised floor edge is flood lit with a red LED strip. This strip and the mustang logo are controlled by a door opening.

    Below are some outside pictures of the car as it is now. More to come.


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  5. you and your brother are lunatics, amazing work!
  6. This is in my top 3 best fox interiors, I've ever seen in my life! :nice:

  7. Wow,... I joined the party late but my god,... what an amazing job! I may have missed it but what kind of material is that carbon fiber on the dash?
  8. Also, what kind of alternator are you using? I'm sure an SN but is it stock 130 amp? What about your pullies? stock or underdrive?
  9. omg bud... that interior is insane.
  10. 93project - The material is a carbon fiber looking fabric which carries the same surface texturing but is very workable. The alternator i believe is a 200A high output 3g. Pullies are stock type.
  11. Its been a while since my last update so I figured I should provide a little update. The below items just arrived from D&D to replace the current T-5 drive drain.




    - T-56 Magnum kit for the foxbody
    - Mcleod RST
    - Billet flywheel

    In addition me and my brother are redoing the center console.

    Alot more to come in the next few months.

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  12. awesome, lookin REALLY good ! :nice:
  13. While im waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer to put in the tranny ive decided to redo the center console to clean it up a bit.


    As you can see from the picture above I removed what appeared to be the pencil/pen slot closest to the ebrake. I then relocated the power mirror back to the larger coin tray. With the coin tray I decided to add a little style to it by adding a double dish shelf design. The two switches in the rear dish are for the computer/screen power.


    AC Bezel

    More pictures to come. Center console will be painted to match the exterior color of the car when it gets repainted in a few months.
  14. any updates Jon?