"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by MSP, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Hello folks! I do not post often but, read thru pretty often. First MSP I admire your willingness to go outside of the box. Some very incredible discoveries have been made by people like yourself! Jenn you are right on! If you are as half as pretty as you are blessed with common sense you must be a goddess! Now with that said, IGNORE THE LITTLE MAN! The younger they are, the cockier they are. To him its a game, lets just not respond to him. Back on post, you go MSP. We'll all be watching and waiting!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Firestang70!!.. I think the blower will be the best bang for the buck..
  3. I can turn my fair share of heads. :D But, I would rather be respected and admired for my knowledge, how I interact with people, and my contributions to society as a whole than my looks. :nice: Anyone can change their apperance to be acceptable and pleasing to the eye, but it is the fundamental morals and values that seperates us from the "animals" that counts. :nice:

    Yes... You go MSP! I too am watching and waiting to see a fellow Stanger's dream become a reality.


  4. wow i go away to do some reshoots for a couple of days and what the ****
  5. Surprising? :shrug: You know how dysfunctional families are. :D Arguing at the drop of a hat! :nonono:
  6. I think I have an eCrush on you! :p
  7. Hahahahahaha Jimp... OMG an eCrush. That is cute. Some of you fellas crack me up!

    Okay.. Back to MSPs dream or he is going to get mad at me for bringing in the femanine situation again. Let's stay focused and no hijacking MSPs thread! :(
  8. my head is still spinging from the crazy hours i did this weekend but i cant sleep. so i thought id check in and wow.
    friday 5 am till midnight then 5 pm in the mojave desert till 6 am today got hom around 9 . i hate this heat i cant sleep ! so you guys and gals play nice.
  10. Do you have any fluids left in your body, dear? LOL.. How was that for heat. What was it like there. 110 at night?

    ~J~ :OT: :damnit: << For MSP :D >>

    Play nice? Pahhhh-pffffttttt :nonono: Is that possible in a dysfunctional family?
  11. side note: deserts actually cool down quite well at night, unless there is a city in them (like phoenix)

    On topic: MSP do you have any prices on parts/what parts you are going to need yet, i think we should start makin a list. I too think i would be taking this route instead of N/A just because its much easier to do, even if it is the same price.
  12. On topic: Im just going to push it as far as I can N/A first, then think about putting on a blower when there are a few more options on the market, and we better know how its going to hold up, react, etc. Plus its just that much more power haha.

    Going the N/A route and STICKING to it, however, I really believe those DOHCs Ive presented before could be a serious ticket to power.

    Off topic: This is one weird family.
  13. Jenn sorry about the fem thing I got going. I was giving more of a thumbs up to the brains portion. But since you mentioned it, I figured I was right about the goddess like looks! Sorry fellas I had the E crush first!LOL. Sorry MSP! You may have some luck with a fella from BAMAchips.com(not sure if that is correct). I believe he lurks in the barnet forums. He has pretty good knowledge of the whole SC 4.0 drivetrain with rangers. Not sure if that helps or has been mentioned before. Oh and Jenn I'm still waiting for you! LOL
  14. One more off topic and I'm done for now. Jenn you stated anyone can be pleasing to the eye? My dad always told me beauty is skin deep! He also told me that ugly goes straight to the bone!LOL

  15. sorry this is :OT:
    :nonono: :nonono: I knew Jenn first, but in all fairness it is up to her... :shrug:
    Jenn rules and she knows it :hail2:
  16. Ohhh I agree and I am glad that I have been fortunate enough to be cute and smart. But, beautiful people can also be UGLY. I know a guy who looks like Vin Diesel and he has the worst attitude and as soon as he opens his mouth you just feel the need to go scrub yourself with hydrochloric acid and a buffing wheel. Scarey-ugly. :lol:

    I appreciate the attention fellas, but this is the sort of thing that makes MSP and others irritible. There is a reason why they don't like ladies in the forums. :nonono: So, although this is a ego boost. To save face, let's keep it on topic before I am banned from the tech topics for diverting attention from the task at hand.

    I got a PM and it is open to all. Not that I am seeking attention or a date. But, we can keep the teasing and E-flirting to a discreet area if need be. :nice:

  17. That car is awesome! I don't think that spoiler would last in Cincy! That rear end is SICK! I'm not fan of white wheels(they magnify the brake dust!), I would prefer chrome. But overall that is one of the best 05s i've seen!