"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  1. i heard the autos are the same, so the bolt pattern should fit?
  2. I dont see why it wouldnt work. You are right, if the 4.6 has the same auto as the 4.0, then the bolt pattern should be the same. Anyone enlighten further?
  3. This is off-topic, but since MSP started it (meaning posted the link, *don't* freak out MSP...), I guess it's all right.

    RE: the blue "Mustang Cobra" from link.

    That front "chin spoiler" and "rear ducktail" spoiler are wicked sweet! Can't tell if they are for sale yet (or ever will be), but I love the overall look. Amazing how a couple pieces of plastic can totally transform the look of the car. The white wheels look great also, but I agree would be too hard to keep clean. That's my color so I *really* like that car...
  4. I feel ya man! I was jsut down in the Arizona strip doing the wildland firefighter thing. My god was it hot. I don't know how people live down there.

  5. Blowers purchased by people involved with me will be half that cost, using the same M90 Eaton.. $4000 is a price that would leave that whole kit sitting on a shelf to gather dust.. We will get this done for less than $2500, doing the install ourself.. If not, we will drive our v6's into a brickwall and total it out.. Using the money from insurance to put down on GT500's.. LOL!!

    Just kiddin on the last part.. But it stays around $2500 or forget it!!
  6. You my friend, have captured the essence of the picture on the front page.. The fact that you realize like me, that the chin spoiler and duck tail spolier actually make or break the 2005 body style is amazing..
    Also, the fact that you understand the white wheels are an essential part of how Shelby desires the look of the car, says in your bones, you are all Mustang.. :nice:

    If you guys cant understand how the white wheels are important in the picture, perhaps a chevy camero is more your style.. Maybe we were wrong about you.. LOL!! :D
  7. MSP, check out what this guy is doing.
    m112 (if i were to supercharge itd have to be that blower) on a split port v6.

    And i was lookin on ebay, some of those M90's are super cheap, like a couple hundred bucks.

  8. Thats got my blood pumping fazm83!! I may join that site, to ask him important questions.. Things like what tranny and rear-end he is using while creating over 400HP, upto 500HP+.. Keep it coming Fazm83.. I have seen the m112 blower.. I like the fact that he is basically saying we can use the 03-04 Cobra parts and blower.. This is very good news!! Nice job on the find fazm83!! This opens up the doors alittle for us on the blower front!
  9. By the way, if you can figure an adapter for an M112, that means you can put a 2.4 KB blower :) not to get your heart rate higher or anything.
  10. 2.4 KB

    Heck, I would want at least a 2.4 MB blower.

    But, I'm really waiting for a 2.4 GB blower. 2.4 gigabytes is a lot of air ... I figure 500 rwhp easy.
  11. why not a 2.4TB blower? :p
    but seriously, m112 and the KB (kenne Bell) bolt up to the same plate, and that would be awesome, up to 27psi with no probs (as long as your engine was ready for it).
  12. Will in my v6 I will be running a pro charger tuner kit, 345 rwhp. and then I will be popin some supersixmotorsports gear on it..im shootin for 500 hp and 12's in the 1/4 with full interior, mild stereo and convert. the pro charger making 11psi makes 345 im going with 15psi or more...so...that hp number is not a problem

  13. You my friend own an 05, or still your older Mustang? I like the numbers you just rattled off.. You belong in this thread for sure.. But are we talking about the 3.8, or 4.0 engine?
  14. ill assume 3.8 because he said he is running a pro charger kit, and there are no procharger kits for the 05 yet :) but with 500hp and gearing, i dont think 12's would be a prob, i think you should be shootin for some 11's
  15. yeh its a 3.8. im going to build that car first then im building a v6 elanor out of a 05 coupe.
  16. Oh yeah?..

    Well, I'M gonna get a Hexa-turbo setup with 74.3 psi of boost and 1.8 LPM nitrous injectors and run 95% nitromethane. Should give me 1019 rwhp and I'll be running 6's @ 212 mph. Then *I'll* have the biggest "package" in town!! :nice:

    Just goofing guys. Been a long day at work and I'm getting looney.
  17. man if you only got 1019rwhp from that setup i would shoot your tuner lol. the 75psi of boost alone should wield you bout 900 at the crank, plus nitromethane would give u that 1000+ at the wheels, nitrous at 1.8lpm... well boom, but if it were possible lol.... who knows.

    Long day, but ive only been up 3 hours.
  18. No kidding. He talks a good game.... :rolleyes: