"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  1. LOL!! NJStangpilot is takin'em to the mat after a long days work? HEHEH!! I take it you dont agree with inflating the numbers? LOL~~~ :D
  2. Blower pictures

    He said i could post em, so here are the pictures of a project v6 car with the blower on it.
  3. Sweet Fazm83!! Very nice.. Make sure to keep us updated on the numbers, once they become available to you! Looking good so far..

    I was looking at the Explorer Express website.. Damn thats an expensive kit.. Pushes the total package up to beyond a GT.. Now your faced with questions regarding suspension, rearend and tranny.. Bushings, swaybars and the like..


    I insist this must get done for around the cost of a $2500 kit.. I love this kit though.. Scroll down for the kit for our motor..

    After, further thought in regards to the GT, you cant make a V6 better for less money, once u leave the LOT.. So we just have to accept it for what it is.. Which means, any projects we do, will eventually surpass the GT MSRP.. Simple as that..
  4. V6 is better value...

    Actually, since the insurance on a GT is around $3000/year more than the V6, you can do $3000 worth of work EVERY YEAR to your V6 and still be the original $5000 msrp less than buying a GT. Over a 5 year ownership lifetime, that's $20,000 in mods ($3000 x 5 + $5000) you can do to your V6 and *still* be cheaper than if you bought a GT and did NOTHING to it. I'm pretty sure a V6 with $20K in mods can waste a stock GT in any area (acceleration, top speed, handling, etc). You can get a LOT of stuff for $20K.

    Remember, it's not just the extra $5K you pay up front for the GT. It's the extra $3K you pay EVERY YEAR which really, really sucks.
  5. Excellent point.. Didnt think of it like that.. I highly doubt my Farmers Insurance would charge me 3G's a year for a GT.. My driving record is perfect.. With a 15+ year old class A HAZMAT License, insurance companies offer me free trips to buy their insurance.. LOL!! I'm considered the best of the best in my industry.. Shell, Chevron, are my biggest customers, who would vouch for my saftey!! LOL!! I honestly would only be charged $600 a year for a GT.. Serious!! :D
  6. Just out of curiosity, call them and ask.

    I'm paying $1400/year (full coverage) for my V6 but the insurance company quoted me $4600/year for a GT.

    F-that BS!!!! At least it made my decision *very* easy.

    I heard people in California are shelling out around $5200/year to drive a GT.
  7. Arizona has higher insurance than california, i know cuz mine tripled when i moved here with m y 83 mustang (80 month for full coverage, to 117 a month liability only). Insurance for me here is just under 2400 a year for my v6, and it is 4700 a year for the gt, so it is a huge difference.
  8. WORD!, Fazm83...

    I remember someone being quoted $2600 per *six months* somewhere. Unreal.

    I'm guessing the insurance is an average of $2500/year higher for the GT. That's a whole bunch of extra cheddah you can spend tweaking your V6 every 12 months (not to mention the extra $5K up front).

    I'm pretty sure I can get a T-lok, axle, power-adder, front disc, wheels and stabilizer bars for less than $17,500.
  9. 400 a month for 6 months is 2400 a year, so im pretty close to that :p (398 a month)
    but ya, im really diggin this possible nitrous setup, for only $550, just need somewhere that fills and need to know how much.
  10. "Word" again Fazm83!! This nitrous setup, is something I never considered, but really appreciate its value.. Vandil made it sound alot less expensive than I thought previously.. Most kits I have seen were over 1G, which means the money would go towards someting more fulltime.. But I suspect this particular setup will become common place real soon..

    Next time I see my agent, I'll speak to him about the GT.. Just for kicks, my wifes record is clean, and I am charged cheaper insurance than her.. The Tahoe, and the Stang both show me love.. Put it this way, if you can drive something down the road worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, that could cause millions of dollars in damage, safely, for years, your gold.. Also, lets just say I have been offered jobs hauling things that go boom.. LOL!! I'm not at liberty to discuss it further.. Lets just say my family has been affiliated with Lockheed Martin since before I was born(40yrs).. LOL!! I'm a pretty safe individual actually.. This is most likley why I cant beat your ET Fazm83, cause I lift.. LOL!! :D
  11. Wow too many things in common, my grandpa worked for lockhead martin "officially" but not really ;) You didnt beat my et? i thought you did. But ya, i get to go through starone credit union because of my 'relationship' with lockhead, so its pretty sweet.
  12. Damn its a small world huh!! LOL! Yep, till this day I live within 15 minutes of Lockheed... Which facility did your Grandpa work at? Houston? I say that because I see your in Arizona now..
  13. They must have horrible records! I'm 23 and have one speeding ticket. Geico quoted me full coverage/6months= $1100
    Not cheap but worth it imo .
  14. im 22 and i have a perfect record since the day i got my license, no tickets, no accidents, nothing. it all depends on where you live, i can get a gt in indiana for nothing, but for my v6 out here its more expensive. arizona as a state has the 2nd highest insurance. Phoenix is the #1 red light running fatality accident city in the country, thats why our insurance is so high, and all the snowbirds that visit in the winter.
  15. @MSP no in california, bay area. sunnyvale. Im originally from fremont/newark california, only been in az for a few years.
  16. I worked for Lockheed Martin for 16 years. I started with them when they were Martin Marietta. But then, they are just about in every state.

  17. Thats where my mother works.. In Sunnyvale.. It is highly likley, or possible they know each other! LOL!! What a trip!
  18. Im only sayin what im building here. 500hp...not lower not higher...give or take a hp or 2....thats what im shootin for with the v6's. and the insurance thing is spot on really....I can spend that amount on mods and still be ahead of a gt.
  19. my grandpa has been dead for 6 years so i find that unlikely :p
    but my best friends dad still works there, hes some kind of supervisor and doesnt have to do anything
  20. I know quite a few people that've worked for Lockhead Martin.. quite a few that still do. Comes with living near Marietta I suppose?