"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  1. Well, my mother is a Supervisor as well, and she has been there for 40+ years.. So I can almost promise you my mamma knew your Grandpa!! LOL!!


    When I was in highschool, my mother said she was offered a position at the Georgia facility.. She turned it down.. Then during college, she almost moved to Houston.. That was also turned down.. So she still in Sunnyvale! LOL!!

    She got my cousin in after he graduated UC Berkley, then he moved to Apple, where he still resides.. She wants me to go drive for them now, but they cant pay me better than hauling Jet Fuel does.. LOL!! Well they could but it would take 40Yrs.. LOL!! I dont have 40 yrs to get back to $25hr.. So allthough I would love to go, I just cant justify it!..
  2. dont think you caught what i meant when i said he "officially" worked for them. my grandpa worked on stuff for the NAVY after WW2 (he was a code breaker) and never could tell us what he did for a living other than "i work at lockhead martin". all we know is that his pension was bout 92,000 a year after he retired :)
  3. Yes, I did catch it, but did let it slip.. LOL!! Yeah there are tons of active duty personel which work there.. So yes your right they may not have ever met.. But ya never know..
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to this site, but I just spent the last 3 hours reading all (almost) all the entries on this post. I love V6s and I actually have 3 of them(all GM :OT: ) I have a girl that I work with that got an '05 V6 and she wants to "improve it." Famz83, this is the most exciting thing I have seen since we started looking at modifying her car. :hail2: I was just wondering if anyone had explored the idea of a Turbo System. Don't get me wrong as I love supercharged cars and own a Bonneville SSEi, but I was just considering all the options. In the intrest of conversation, any ideas?
  5. powerhouse is working on a turbokit for the 05 v6, keep tuned on this board and im sure i will bring you all of the updates :)
  6. ???
  7. nobody really know what hes talkin bout lol
  8. I know what he is talkin about.. He's talkin about the comment NJStangPilot made after he got off work.. In regards to 1000HP.. He has a dream.. And with that dream he's welcome here with us.. Atleast he has a hope he can wake up to everyday.. LOL!!

    I know what he's talkin about! He's alright with me..
  9. 500hp reliable from the 4.0 motor is going to be hard to come by, because of the block already bein close to maxed in bore/stroke
  10. no no fazm83, its with the 3.8. which i have been doing my homework with before I get started and it should not be a problem. forged piston, rods, the block can handle it no problem. 15 psi from the supercharger.

    the 05 thats a different story, im not sure what that is capable of putting out.
    we will have to see on that one. msp...I guess you will be one of the first people to have a ride in my car. for not doubting me....ha ha...
  11. Kojack,

    I was NOT making fun of you in my previous post... just so you know. It was late, I was getting loopy, and I was just joking around about all the 240 HP to 300 HP not being enough content. I'm surprised people need or want 400+ HP in order to be happy or satisfied with their cars. I've got 210 HP right now and I'm 99% happy with it.

    Although, I have heard that more HP makes your johnson get bigger...
  12. with the 3.8liter that is not a problem, i've seen 3 cars so far that are pushin over 500rwhp, 1 even with a stock long block. I thought u were talkin bout the 4.0, my mistake.
  13. Right, I am seeing post after post by him talking about a 500hp procharged V6...
    His excuse for not getting the GT was insurance and that he could build a 500hp Saleen clone procharged V6 for cheaper. His list of planned mods is well over $10K. But we are to believe that he wanted to save on insurance? Rediculous.

    To Kojack: (Not trying to flame, just being practical and realistic) If you have the money for a 500hp V6, then you have the money to pay a little bit more for insurance.

    He is either just a bunch of talk, or he is rich...
    But if he were rich, why skimp on the GT due to insurance cost?

    Bottom line:Talk is cheap. Let's see it buddy!

    Everyone must remember to keep their goals within reach and not to expect too much or else be let down later...
    How about say "I will improve an already awesome car."
  14. So explain to me why the 3.8 liter is all of a sudden better than the 4.0? I thought no one actually knew the true potential of the 4.0.. How is it that from this statement it appears the 4.0 is actually crappier than the 3.8, even though the 4.0 has more power stock from Ford.. Whats going on?

    I am aware that the 3.8 is a good motor.. My only concern is with the 4.0, and why the suggestions are being slanted towards the 4.0 is crap, and the 3.8 rocks? This is being said by 4.0 owners.. LOL!! Kinda wiered but care to explain..

    Basically, I'll have to find out for myself, but if the conversation pans out, to be true, then I wont even do anything to this car, and very swiftly swap out for a GT real quick, like before the end of this year.. So what is it, did we buy crap or what? If so, prove it... No blanket statements post some links for comparison..
  15. Not to start a flame fest, but some of you guys are pipe dreaming. I would like to see dyno sheets and mod lists of these blown v-6 cars producing that much power.

    Blown 99+ GT's dont produce as much power as some of the V-6 cars you guys are talking about.

    Nothing wrong with owning a V-6 or a 4 Cyl for that matter. Just be realistic when you are talking about running with the big boys.
  16. black2001gt, justin has a v6 stang with stock long block running 17psi twin turbos running 10s in the quarter mile. Search any v6 stang forum and he will pop up somewhere.

    MSP Im saying its easy for the 3.8 because its been done, the 4.0 im sure is possible, why not? it just hasnt been done so it would take more research and what not, so it would be harder to do.
    The 4.0's block is pretty thin compared to the 3.8, other than that, i dont see why you couldnt rebuild it to take make more horsepower, because it is OHC and is larger, so technically you could make more power from it if you really wanted.
  17. no...the 3.8 block is a copy of the buick grand national block with the flaws that the buick has designed out. buick gn's are poppin out way over 500 hp.....

    Im building a v6 to be different....thats why everyone here has a 8

  18. I'm sure he is not running 17 psi on stock internals. Again, imagine what 17 psi could do to a 4.6L 2/3/4 valve v-8 with forged internals.

    I just don't get it.
  19. Here ya go Fazm83!----->Justin


    Keep in mind, these kinds of high HP mods are desired over a span of a few years, and not all at once.. So of course things like rear-ends and trannys will have their own moments for upgrades cycles..

    Also, here is plenty more 3.8 insane Mustangs!!



    With all due respect Sir!! The Magnificant Black2001GT, those 3.8 V6's got some balls huh man!! So what ya think Sir? Do we have a chance, if our aim is to impress you? I feel honored you took the time to share some time with us.. Now I am interested if you think you may have slightly jumped the gun.. Keep in mind, this is with all due respect towards you my friend.. An admission to this will only gain that much more respect from us Sixer's!! :D

  20. Well said!!! I own a 5.0 fox , but my daily driver is a 99 v6, a lot of these v8 guys have no idea that the mighty v8s are not the only fast cars out there, they are living in the past, I respect the hell out of you guys, more power to you!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!