"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  1. i sold my 5.0 fox, but even with the 3.73s headers, intake, and carb, my 05 v6 would smoke it. Now it wouldnt stand a chance against your 5.0 fox but still :p
  2. Any news worthy leakages about supercharger kits being available for the 4.0L Mustang? I am not savvy enough to retrofit anything, so would prefer a complete kit like the one vortec has for the 3.8L. A search has shown a few for the v8, but still don't see any ready for the v6. I don't want to put one on right this second, but was just curious if anyone has heard anything on upcoming kits?
  3. No kits are ready for the v6 yet, sorry. Explorer express is coming out with a kit pretty soon, and powerhouse should have their turbo kit by the end of the year.

  4. Hey Fazm83, I kinda would rather go Turbo.. What do ya think? Although I currently have plans for the Eaton setup, I actually like the sound of the turbo, and would love to have a turbo kit..

    Pros and Cons..

    In theory and in common sense there should not really be a problem with going with this kit for our cars, other than reloacting the throttle body and some other small wiring harness deals.. Ours is located at the front of the engine, and you just need to get it to the back of the engine..


    But seriously, the twin turbo kit would be insane.. :D
  5. I heard on another forum that procharger is designing a turbo kit for one,but that is just hearsay. I have considered trying to do a custom setup turbo system on it, but at this time it is just a thought. Any ideas on what turbos would be compatible with the V6?
  6. The links you posted are of extremly fast V-6 Mustangs, I could post a link to even faster V-8 Mustangs. There is a reason the fastest NHRA cars run V-8's. I am not here to start a war, I am a Mod on the 4.6L forum and a respected member. I am really here to try and understand.

    I never understood why a guy would purchase a v-6 or a 4cyl car, then spend allot of money to make it as fast as a stock v-8 car. When I purchased my car back in Jan 2001, I wanted a Cobra. There was no 2000 Cobra and the 2001 Cobras did not come out until much later in 2001. Some Cobra guys say the same thing about GT guys.

    Mustang GT's are the industry standard IMHO. A Stock 99-04 GT is capable of running 13.8 right off of the show room floor. (Loosen the front Anti Sway bar, take out the spare tire, jack and passenger seat and drive it like you stole it and you are there.) Add a few suspension mods, full exhaust to include headers, off road mid pipe, Cat back, pullies, better air filter and gears and 99-04 GT's are capable of running 12's all day. This is with 250-270 RWHP. This is without a power adder.

    Add a shot of nitrous, a blower or turbos with a conservative tune, then you are up in Corvette territory. I never understood why a person would purchase a V-6, then try to make it faster. If you purchase a V-6 because you want a more economical car, I totally understand.
  7. One word
    $1200/6 months for my v6
    $2400/6months for the gt
    And yes they had a 2000 cobra, it was just he cobra R.
    Is your car an automatic or a manual? Because an automatic 04 GT runs 15.1 in the quarter mile. Ive already come close to that in my stock v6.
    Another reason why you get a v6 and do somin to it, whats more emberassing, a v6 losing to a v8? or a v8 losing to a v6? We are all expected to lose, and when we win, its that much better. Ive raced a 97 mustang gt at the track, all he had was exhaust and intake, and i ran a 15.4 that run to better his 15.7 (firebird raceway is not meant for great times, launchin is hard).

    EDIT: and yes, i also have got up to 31mpg on a road trip in my car, never could acheive that in my 01gt, or my 5.0 fox..... not even close.
  8. you are building a poser saleen with a blown v6.
  9. you ever try shopping around for insurance? you're probably older than i, and i pay 1500/yr for a 2001 cobra... thats 300 more a year, to drive a far better car.
  10. black gt. Im doing it to be different...my friend has a 96 cobra...that thing is insane...11 flat in the 1/4 and can be driven daily. Plus for the money, which is not a lot up here anyways, I can have a fast six. I can get a 6 vert for less than 10g, the cheapest gt here 17g. so take the extra 7g, drop it on performance parts I will have a way faster car than i would with a stock GT...simple. all economics. I can build the motor myself so theres no labour. see where im coming from...I know that a built V8 is WAY faster than a 6. no question and im not arguing that, but from my stand point saleens are not readly available for less than 40g same with the cobra, so for me, this makes the most sense, and again, a fast v6 on the island is non existant. can you understand what im getting at now? NJ stang pilot, no hard feelings brother!

  11. More power to you brother, I hope you build a fast "cheap" V-6. Just trying to understand why. :cheers:
  12. every heard that insurance is different compared to where people live?
    dont ask a stupid question unless you want a stupid answer.
    im 22, and yes i shopped around for 14 days before i found insurance that cheap. phoenix arizona has one of the highest insurance costs in the country. In provo utah i can insure my v6 for under 800 every 6 months.
    and if you think you 2001 cobra is a "far better car" you obviously dont know that your car is on a platform that was mostly unchanged since the 70's. a stock 2005 mustang gt could take your stock 2001 cobra any day of the week, and thats with a SOHC motor instead of your DOHC.
  13. and you actually pay a lot less a year than me, mine is 1200 for 6 months, not a year, tahts 2400 a year, so you pay 900 less than me, and yes i have a perfect record
  14. I pay about 2,300 per year for a 2005 Infinity QX56, a 2001 GT and a 1993 Ford Ranger.
  15. hhow old are you and where do you live. Comparing insurance rates is like comparing cost of gas in south america with the rest of the world. I cant say it enough, it all depends on where you live

  16. Hello Black2001GT!! Thanks for your time here with us, we appreciate it Sir!

    However, lets take the standard bunch of guys grouped into this thread, and our goals are not as extreme as you might have read in the last 2 to 3 pages of this thread..

    The realistic goal here in this thread, is based on 300RWHP.. We dont intend to threaten you or anyother Mustangs... I have never intended to get to 500HP.. My understood goal is 300RWHP.. Not a crime in the least. Put a SC on a GT and beat us.. But respect us at 300RWHP.. This is the realistic goal for me and a host of other guys who have participated in this thread from the start..

    I like Kojack, and have taken him into our fold.. His goals are slightly more ambitious than the rest of us which is 500HP.. I will encourage him to get to his goal.. But when you read this thread, understand the creaters goals.. Quite realistic I think you will agree..
  17. I pay 1800 a year for a 91 crx and an 02GT
    With a crash and 2 tickets. Minimum though, since I own nothing else
  18. i think thats enough insurance rates post on MSP's thread, lets put them somewhere else if you are going to talk bout them, and if you are, dont just post what you pay, age, and location play a big part, married, multi cars, etc.

    anyway, i agree msp, i do not think 300rwhp is going to be too difficult to achieve and is very realistic. thats only about 110more than stock, which is commonly done on todays car (bout a 60% increase in power).
  19. I'm still trying to figure out why these guys come in and try to bust our balls.

    If you don't like our v6s and the way we mod them then GET THE F#$K OUT OF THE V6 FORUMS!!!!!

    I mean that in a nice Christian way too.
  20. They must have pretty empty lives to go around to different forums of cars they don't even own. It's pretty sad if you think about it. :nonono: