"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  1. MSP....there are rumors of a roots charger for the new 4.0. that should net you 300 hp easily. I am new to the stang scene. I was an import fan boy for years and hated the stang. now...I have seen the light, I want a convertible that looks like a saleen, that has lots of power. now like I said, 10 g or so for the car. then 5-7000 for the mods, and im at the price of a stock gt that will not go as fast as my 6...yes anyone can argue put those mods on a 8 and see what you get....A ****in fast car...nothing wrong...but there are so many people wanting gt's that I can get the 6 way cheaper and have the mods done and be in money compared to buying a stock v8. but I can't wait till all you guys with the new 6 start gettin some power out of them...im in for one for sure...with the elanor package from cervinis. I will 2 horses in my stable then.
  2. Just having a supercharged car over a NA is a big improvement. Even if you are looking at the same HP #s, the torque on a S/C car is usually higher and the curve is flatter, meaning easier to handle, and IMO more fun to drive. Best of luck to you on your S/C Saleen lookalike.

    '92 Bonneville SSEi
    '83 Regal Turbo(not yet in car :) )
  3. thanks chuck....im building over this winter and next spring. it going to be done in stages. stage one is to find an unmolested sonic blue v6, I had a line on an 02 got someone else got it before I could. then I will get the body, wheels suspension done, and the SC kit. along with the exhuast. after a bit, I will get the supersix gear to put on it and be done.
  4. Well, I can't speak for everyone here, but I know why I am interested in dropping a power adder in a V6 instead of buying a V8. One reason only. When I walked in to buy my car, the V6 was on the showroom floor and a V8 was not. I didn't wait 3 months to get my car, I drove it home in 2 hours. If they had a convertible V8 in stock, I probably would have bought it. It's not about money, it's not about insurance, it's not about economy. It was simply a matter of what was in stock and what was not.

    Now don't misunderstand. I do not in any way wish I had purchased a GT. I do not regret my purchase. You see, when I was a kid, I wanted terribly bad one of those 86-87 convertible mustangs. They were brand new back then and it was the coolest car on the road in my opinion. I never cared for the body style they went to after that, but in 2005, I fell back in love. I was going to purchase a convertible mustang and that was the end of it. Well I did, and it's a V6.

    Now that I have it, I want to get the most out of it. Part of that is putting on a power adder. Most likely, in my case, a supercharger. I'm not trying to turn my car into a V8. I'm not trying to blow the doors of a GT. I simply want it to be faster than it once was. My goal is to increase performance of the stock setup. My goal would have been the same if there had been a GT on the lot when I bought my car. I would have dropped a supercharger in it as well. Again, not to compete with anything other than what it was.

    I don’t intend to race GTs. I don’t intend to race other V6s. I don’t street race at all and have no intention of going to the drag strip. For me, this is the first car I ever got that I really wanted. In fact, it is the first car I bother to buy new. Now that I have it, I want it to be the best that it can be.

    After all that, I suppose the answer to your question is this:

    I bought a V6 because it was there, and I want to make it faster because I can.
  5. Well said.

  6. duner,

    your car is HOT!....nice job.
  7. Thank you

  8. Thanks for the heads up pony_up!! Cant wait to see pics and results for the V6.. You know, when you think about it based on sales numbers, to ignore the V6 can put a company out of business.. There is just too many of us out here to be ignored..LOL!! The GT guys are push-overs when it comes to this type of stuff.. They will eventually do some type of Power-Adder.. Its the V6 guys based on sheer numbers alone, who can help support this type of project in the long run.. We're like ants... We number in the thousands!! :D

    Keep us posted Pony! Thanks.. :hail2:
  9. I posted that on here and corral, and the moderators thought that i was viscously advertising.

    But yes, we will be well under way with the v6 and results soon.
    We wanted to see what an extra 125hp would do for the car so we gave it a shot of N2O which I am sure most of you saw the thread, We are hoping for the same power (or a little more) out of the v6 turbo as we recieved with the N2O.

    I am not going to post too much, I wouldn't want to get your thread locked or my reply deleted.
  10. Msp... I think it would sweet if you waited for a turbo kit to come out...
    I envision a new thread...
    "Turbo" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

  11. LOL!! The Single Turbo would be sweet.. I love the sound of the turbos, and the install would be much much easier.. I love the installation process of the turbo.. It means we dont need to touch the intake manifold, or fuel rails or throttle body.. Lets see what happens, and the price.. I would love to be turned onto the turbo header for the 4.0 V6.. I have a question.. Cant the 3.8 Header fit the 4.0 header? It should be the same bolt pattern..
  12. single 4.0 turbo kit should be finished (at least the concept) by powerhouse411 i believe by the end of the year.