"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  1. Because it would cause mass hysteria throughout the Mustang World.. Guys like Duner would be safe from this attack.. His blower would protect him.. However, the beautiful GT's would be tested.. Unless a GT owner invested alittle more money into the car, he would most certainly be raped and plundered... Also, guys with GT's have higher payments, higher insurance, and higher gasoline bills.. Slightly! So chances of them making a sweeping change is small.. So this would catapault the 05-v6 into a frenzy like never before..

    One thing I am glad to see, is that our engine is not all that new.. Meaning, it has already been accepted.. Perhaps, this is the way the market will see our engine.. Never to classify a particular SuperCharger for the 05-v6, but make us use parts from the Explorer/Ranger community.....???
  2. Nice... The price is twice the price of the Roots type Supercharger.. I want roots!! Can you find one for the 4.0?
  3. Whipple Superchargers Response!!

    We are hoping to have our new '05 Mustang kit ready to go within the next few months. The price will be $5495.00 for the complete intercooled set-up. You will be able to purchase directly through us or any authorized Ford racing dealer.
    I will keep your e-mail address and notify you as soon as we are ready to take orders.
    Thank you for your interest,

    Damn!! They are charging an arm and a leg.. Maybe the Steeda kit will have to be the one..

    Why so expensive, perhaps their most expensive unit to date guys!! Whats going on?


    Is the 4.0 going to be more expensive to produce than the 4.6? Has the price of the unit been mis-quoted perhaps? It has to be!!

    Is it the Intercooler thats raising the price so high?
  4. In the end guys, I will not settle for anything thats not a Roots type.. This is my path I have chosen to take..

    Opinions please on this path.. Why or why not.. The engine itself as you can see from the Wombat link is capable of some serious HP and TQ numbers.. So it is not a concern.. I want the Whipple!!
  5. Hey, i know some of the old 3.8's were notrious for blowing head gaskets from the iron block/aluminum head, and i notice our 4.0's have the same. Have any of the 4.0's from explorer/rangers had these issues? I know a supercharger would probably make it much easier to blow a head gasket. (or am i missinformed?)
  6. "Visit a Ford Ranger Forum, you may need to" YODA

  7. Roger that Captain!! I'm on it!!


    A glance!! The car in the picture has since been wrecked.. A sign that it was a successful power grab in carniage!! Unfortunatley!


    Good link here!!


    I must emphasize that the HP and TQ numbers represented in these links in now way reflect the 05 V6.. There has obviously been a change made to the engine of the 05 V6 Mustang..

    Perhaps we need to find what has changed.. These guys are sitting at around 250HP with the SuperCharger.. Thats pretty low in my book.. Something is different.. It is most likley CAM related.. But its something else as well...
  8. 4.0's in explorers and rangers (if thats what these links refer too) are much different engines, truck wise. Trucks are geared way differently with way heaiver drive train making rwtq and rwhp much lower.
  9. Is this regarding the V6 or GT supercharger? :shrug:

  10. but they are still the same engine? no?
  11. Yup, same engine. Doug, the starter and poster of the last forum thread posted, is an expert on the 4.0L engine. I know he regularly reads and posts on TMS, but I dont think Ive ever seen him over here. Ive talked to him briefly over the phone and through email, and he believes the potential of this engine is enormous. Maybe you should check out sending him an email and getting some specifics from him?

  12. I am pretty sure it should encompass both V6 and V8.. Most likley the v8 will arrive first.. However, my email was prefaced on the V6.. So hopfully the v6 preface was not ignored.. LOL!!


    I believe my previous theory still holds alot of water in regards to Fords engine choice for the V6 Stang.. I truley believe the V6 block(Crank-Main Bearings-Pistons-Heads) could easily handle 600+ HP.. Where as the V8 could most likley handle upwards of 1200+ HP.. I would say for our purposes, we have plenty of expansion room, for a car we want to be able to drive around town..

    Its also highely possible, that these 4.0 engines could equal or outpace the the 4.6..

    What I would like us to do in this thread is alot of grunt work first.. I want exact specs and tolerances on our 4.0 engine posted, and compared to a 5.0, and 4.6.. I want to know what type of crank shaft was used.. What process is used on it.. Pistons, and tolerances...

    I then want to explore Blower theory, in regards to the different types.. I need some heavy hitters involved in this thread.. Please find them!!
  13. But i doubt an explorer engine could withstand the wrath of my 6000rpm lead foot, day to day, through many gears, in rain and snow, up hills both ways, etc. etc.! :D

  14. If you think any engine is gonna make it past 500hp without forged internals, and much less LAST, you need to lay off the shots of Simple Green my friend.
  15. My 01 explorer sport 4.0 has 173,000 miles on it, and still running great, and it wont go to 6000, but i think it wraps to 5800 (it goes past 6k when you are smokin the tires in the rain though, computer doesnt cut it in time)
  16. i know my mom and dad both have explorers 94, 95 and when you get them up past 4k, it feels like they're about to break or somthing, lol. still great running cars though.

  17. Roger that my friend Zodiac.. Of course, I was thinking quite ambitious.. No problem.. I shall tone down the ambition, so that we all understand that there really is no hope! LOL!! Thats not what you want is it? LOL!!

    Also, the Simple Green is a nice idea! Have you tried it? It smells like it would taste sweet.. Does it? Hehehe!! :D
  18. Our explorer feels fine over 4k
  19. Sure, taken shots of it before. Get liquored up first -it goes down easier in my experience. Im not telling you to tone down the ambition at all, I just dont want this forum to become misconstrued and leading. There are people here who dont know that much about engines and even cars in general. Saying the 4.6 will take 1200 hp and be fine is outrageous. For those who dont know, they might believe it at face value. Im just trying to keep things straight.