"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  1. :rlaugh: probably not! we just bought an 04 Sport Trac with the 4liter, it does have the 4.10 gears in it though...
  2. 7.5" rear end with 4.10s? Wreck your car and give me the gears please? I mean... =D Does it have a T-lok? Ive been trying to find an old ranger or explorer or something with a 7.5" rear end and 4.10s that I could jack, or even with a T-lok if I were lucky.
  3. all this cash and you fellas coulda just got a GT... i dont see the point.
  4. Because by the time I buy every bolt on they make for the car, plus the tune, plus an hours dyno time after ever mod, plus a port and polish (which is probably as far as I will dig into the motor) Ive still spent less on my car than you did, and its probably going to be just as fast. And I still pay less on my insurance and get better gas mileage.
  5. That's where you're wrong. The GT is $6k more if you could find one and the dealer markup is even more. You can actually get the V6 for less than retail. So even if you spend $4k on upgrades you are still saving money. Which is far more than most people are spending.
  6. im not hating, i just dont see the point. you're saving like 2 grand (which is really nothing in terms of car payments) and ya still dont have the brakes, suspension, or rear axle (i think) that make a GT a GT.

    idunno, i'll be in 11's or 12's for well under 20K :)

    BTW, i dont drive a mustang.
  7. Sounds like you are hating. Sounds like you are also lost.
  8. i actually like the new mustang a lot, even the V6, just dont see the point in suping up a V6 to GT territory when you could start with a GT.
  9. Like I said, it costs at least $8000-$10000 more for a GT right now. The V6 is pretty quick in it's own right and with $1000 worth of mods it's downright fast. So you are saving a lot more than a few thousand. I don't see the point in hanging out in a forum for a car you don't own. Seems like you are just trolling. Maybe you need a hobby.
  10. A- not everyone settles for the markup
    B- bolt ons dont kill your warranty like blowers do
    C- if you DID put a blower on to get GT performance even if you did have GT power you'd still have no more warranty and will have paid almost the same difference.

    what i mean is, yeah, if you stay NA you're savin money and still driving a quick car but putting a blower on kinda defies the point of getting a V6 model in the first place (unless the point is just cause you like the V6 thing)

    i have a hobby. it weighs 2600lbs and will soon have a 302 in it.
  11. i paid $26,575 for my premium GT, no mark up. fully loaded v6 is close to that. i know you can get it cheaper, but not a huge amount...
  12. And I paid 18K for my v6. Sooo thats 8K difference? I doubt Ill ever spend that on my car unless the motor blows. Plus Im not spending 8K all at one time.. Im spending it over the next long years of my life.
  13. you still wouldn't be spending it all at once. like 50 bucks more a month or whatever, even if it was a hundred thats only 1200 more per year.
  14. whats in your mustang? sounds like a base model...dont get me wrong, to each his own, but i know that my premium gt has more equipment than most V6 mustangs. it is kinda like saying i paid $12 for my base neon and you paid $20 for the srt4, but by the time you add all the stuff that is standard on the srt4 to the base, you spend more. $4000 for the turbo, $1500 for the tuning and installation, $1500 for suspension upgrades, $1500 wheels and tires, $2500 for the body kit.... i know everyone wants to customize their cars to their liking, but i dont think it is right to say for a fact that you will have a car as good as the gt for less. if anything, it is a close call.also dont think that because i bought a gt, that i must be talking smack to the V6 guys. i just dont see the big picture the same as you.

  15. I paid $24,995.00 for my fully loaded GT with an auto, and I can tell you that there is no point in trying to keep up with (let alone beat) a GT.
  16. Why do you guys hang out in the V6 forum? I don't give a flying fornication what you guys do to your GTs, that's why I'm here. The original question was why not spend a few thousand extra for a GT. The answer is, it's more than a few thousand extra, IF you can find a GT. For a few thousand, a V6 will beat a GT. But that's not even the point. The point is that we have V6s and want to mod them like anyone else mods their cars. If you are so happy with your GT then why don't you take your happy arse back to the GT forum and stay there.
  17. Soooo you really think a v6 with 6K worth of aftermarket parts wont spank a stock GT? Ive got an empty pal pay account thats just begging to prove you wrong ;)

    In terms of my car, yup, its a base of the base model. I really just didnt see the point in paying thousands more dollars for stuff thats going to be changed out anyway.
  18. A honda with $10,000 in parts could probably spank a stock GT, but it's still a honda. And if you plan to spend 6,000 on a V6, you could have had a GT.
  19. i dont have a GT. i dont even have a mustang. i'm here for research and entertainment. my reason for being here is that forced induction sucks and NA power is the best way to go when you have displacement. thus, i see FI in place of a V8 as ludicris. now, if you tune your V6 and run with a GT, fine, thats cool. i even like the new v6 stang a lot... but killing your warranty to prove that a V6 can keep up with a V8 isn't something i see as very logical.
  20. We're not here to "prove" anything. We're here to get the most out of our cars and enjoy the discussion of such with fellow enthusiasts.

    And even if I plan to spend 6K on a v6, I COUDLNT have had a GT. There are too many other factors invovled. Availability, insurance, gas costs. Reality! Im 19 yrs old and drive a 2005 Mustang. What do you think my insurance and financing rates look like? What do you think they would have looked like on a GT? Now lets assume I HAD spent that extra 6K on a GT. What does that do to me going to college? Does it mean I have to work ANOTHER job? What does that do to all the loans Ive had to take out and finance, but now push back even longer because of this car purchase? How much does it really mean Im paying out in the long run? Its sure a whole hell of a lot more than 6K.

    But now lets look at this. There's always going to be a faster car. My friend has a 1970 Nova that he's spent a grand total of 8 grand on in his 4 years of owning it. It still runs low 13s in the quarter. I could say you just wasted 17K+Insurace if I wanted. ... And?

    But seriously, who gives a fart if its not a GT? Ive got nothing to prove to anyone here. I consider myself pretty damn lucky every time I walk out the door and see my baby sitting there.

    Whats the point in all this? That its a waste of money to make a car faster? Seems counter logical to me. You just spent 6K for a faster car. To spend time and money on a hobby you enjoy and take alot of pleasure from? If thats not true, get out of our forums and quit trolling. That we all should have gotten a GT because in the long run we'll spend less money and GO FASTER? I think Ive disproven that one already.

    What is it, that in the end, we arent like every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there with a fat wallet driving around a stock 2005 GT? Believe me, I take ALOT of pride in seperating myself from every "plain jane" out there who doesnt know the heritage of this car, the pride and tradition, and just sees it as another set of wheels. From all the people who never change their oil or clean their air filter.

    I bought my car back in early December. If I had gotten a GT.. which one of you wouldnt have one right now? If all you're going to do is try to prove your "superiority" by having a GT and not a v6, to teach us how stupid we are for not buying a buying a GT and getting a v6 instead, to show us the "error" of our ways, GTFO of our boards and dont let the door hit you on the way out. Im done with this.