"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  1. two years ago i bought my truck. i paid like 7 grand for a sunday driver ranger. its completely paid off. why did i do this? did i really want a truck? no, i needed it. i needed it for the insurance costs, functionality, and rugged nature.

    last year i bought this:


    thats why i got the truck. it was a plan to eventually get a project and be in a position to take full advantage of it.

    due to my proper planning (and blessed life) i've been able to get it to this status:


    i say that to say this. perhaps if you had plan better (and/or plan better in the future) you won't have to settle for ALMOSt there. the V6 is a VERY nice car, dont get me wrong. i like it a lot and i see the appeal it has but obviously in your case you wanted the GT.

    the dreams to be realized belong to those bold enough to act. in some cases "acting" is really just waiting and planning.

    or you could just enjoy your nice car and not care what us stick in the muds think.
  2. i dont know why some GT owners get upset when V-6 owners try to get their cars as fast as the GT...
    GT owners try to make their cars faster than stock its ok...
    damn stoooopid double standard.....
    ohh and i'd rather own TWO V-6 Mustangs than ONE GT Mustang anyways.

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  4. see, i'm not offended by the fact that you just basically laughed at a car that is 15 years older/superior to yours.

    now you can feel better by making fun of someone's car. you should thank me.
  5. I think your car looks really great for 15 years.. Dont worry they just dont understand having pride in their car enough to actually take care of it.
  6. I'm a GT owner but I say if you want to mod your sixers, do it. I applaud you for being different. I personally think it's great to see you guys modding. I just prefer the V8 sound but won't knock anyone who has a V6.

    Oh yeah, my little cousin has a v6 and the gas mileage between v6 and v8 cars are about the same +/- 1-2 mpg. Add a blower and your gas mileage is worse. But the lower insurance costs do make sense.
  7. Yeah dude.. OK.. ya got us :rolleyes:
  8. You make fun of us for modding our cars then roll in here with that POS. And you think it's superior? You really are lost. :rlaugh:
  9. a POS that i restored from beat up commuter status with more agility and performance potential than your underpowered (yet still overweight) pony ever thought of having.

    i've rebuilt it from the ground up, no amount of ignorance you offer can take that away :)

    oh and i never made fun of modding. you were talkin about voiding the warranty on your whole drivetrain with a blower, not a little tuning and basic bolt ons.
  10. actually i think it is pretty cool that you posted your car here. i just sold my 02 Altima, so i like Nissans though.
  11. i dont really get to involved in discussions about who should have got a gt and what not. I'll be honest. IMO, I think we ALL are stearing away from the fact that we have 05s regardless of v6 and gt. Its seems like a family feud in here. I respect ALL car owners and makes and models.

    To the gt owners:
    Its not fair for you gt guys to beat up on us v6ers because we didnt get a gt. You all have to take into consideration that not all of us were lucky enough to find a gt or even fortunate enough to buy a gt at the time.We all have different backgrounds and what not and u all have no clue as to why we bout a v6 nor she we really explain ourselves. :shrug:

    To the v6 owners:
    I think we have also have to look at both sides of what the argument is. In some aspects the gt owners are right. Honestly, I was planning on trading/selling my car for a gt for the performance potential and all the other little goodies(the looks, duel exhuast,etc), but i didnt get it because i dont think it would be financially reasonable with my lifestyle( 19 yer old college student). So im partial to both sides.

    In conlclusion, i feel that we ALL(gts a v6ers) should respect each others decisions about our mods and support one another, because we all have to remember, there is ALWAYS a faster car.

    by the way, nice looking car Makoto:nice:
  12. I was going to get a gt until the cheapest insurance quote i could find was $2360 for 6 months.

    My dads going to be buyin either the s281e (500hp) or the gt500 (if he wants to wait) so i will at least have acess to a super fast new stang.
  13. Why MOD a V6??

    To anyone who says "Why mod a V6" or "you should have gotten a GT", you *must* be against ALL car mods to make a statement like that.

    GT owners often mod their cars. Why not tell them "You should have bought a Corvette". While you're at it, tell anyone who mods a Corvette "you should have gotten a Viper". Tell the Viper owners they should have bought a Ford GT. Hell, just keep going until you get to a Bugatti Veyron or McLaren M1.

    Why should anyone "mod" any car when they should just buy a Veyron????

    Oh yeah … that little thing called money.

    Hey you "you should have bought a GT" people, send me $2000/year for the extra insurance and I WILL buy a GT.

    People buy V6 Stangs because:
    1) they are already pretty quick from the factory (close to a 95 5.0L Mustang GT)
    2) they can be made much quicker with basic performance mods.
    3) similarly configured (wheels/tires/stabilizer bars) they are more agile due to the lighter weight and better distribution.
    4) they cost less to purchase
    5) the insurance costs are much cheaper

    As for that (stock?) Nissan beating a new Mustang … you *must* be on crack.

    Oh, and if you "modded" that thing ... why didn't you just buy a new 350Z??
  14. I agree that V6 owners should mod as much as they want... have fun with your ride.

    However, this constant "lighter and more agile" discussion just doesn't make much sense.

    Ford Specs:
    V6 Coupe Deluxe 3223 lbs
    V6 Coupe Premium 3371 lbs
    GT Coupe Deluxe 3487 lbs
    GT Coupe Premium 3506 lbs

    200 lbs is just not that much.... about 6 percent difference.

  15. Very well said!
  16. His Garage

    MakotoS13's 1990 nissan 240SX View All Garages

    KTS coilovers
    all Polyeurethane bushings
    SPL pro tie rod ends
    Z32 inner tie rods
    Falken Azeni sport 205/55/16's
    S14 SE's
    5 lug conversion

    Stock KG1 paint/Black roof
    new windshield
    refinished trim
    S13 kouki tails
    fixed antenna
    front and rear spoiler delete

    Corbeau A4 seats
    Momo Race wheel/hub
    B&M shifter
    all black interior
    Clutch fan delete
    generic intake
    weight reduction

    As for the Z comment, might as well go to the 5.0 forum and ask why not a 05 GT instead.
  17. The "Z comment" was for Makoto's comments that we all should have started with a GT instead of a V6. Which is, of course, a rediculous statement.

  18. IMHO he was just trying to say. A person who's immediately going to drop a blower, headers, ported heads, exhaust, ect, basically top out a v6. Should have thought about what they wanted out of the car in the end a little more to start with. :shrug: They obviously have cash, the mod bug, and the desire for speed. The GT isn't that much more than a blown 6 and has a better upgrade path/top end.

    Personally I'll be happy if I can manage to afford gears, and exhaust yet this year.
  19. Not everyones problem was upfront cash with the v6. Wasnt mine. My problem is the difference in insurance. $189 a month for the v6, and $398 a month for the gt.
  20. I think there is a factor that is being completely lost here. If you buy a stock GT, you get a fast, great performing car. If you by the V6 and put in $6k, you can achieve reasonably close performance to the GT. So why spend the money on a V6 to get what you could have bought in the first place?

    Some people enjoy the process of modding. Some like the anticipation, the purchases, the installs, the testing, the enjoyment that comes with knowing what is under the hood that wasn't there when you bought it. Some like the EXPERIENCE of modding.

    A new GT spends all your money and does not allow you to have that EXPERIENCE. After all, consumerism is only about one thing - enjoying he experience of what you spent your money on. For the same price as a GT, someone that likes that sort of thing gets the fun of buying and the enjoyment that comes with the experience of the moding process.

    There is no argument that works for saying you should have just got the GT. If your overall budget is maxed out at the cost of a GT, you lose out on the modding experience which is what some people see as an expected part of the car buying thing.

    For everyone it is not just the final product that is the end all. For many it is the fun of the experience of the journey. That is what modding provides to a V6 buyer that they would have to completely give up if they spent their whole budget on a stock GT.