"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  1. Most got exactly what they wanted when they bought the six. For some the six isn't ever going to be enough. Just like some of the GT owners are always going to want the gt500. CAll it human nature, impulse buying, or what ever.

    Anyway we've got this thread way off topic. :OT:

    Not only do the six's catch flak from the GT owners they catch it on the street constantly. I'd like to get a sleeper built up with no external key offs to what's kicking underneath.

    Thinking along the lines of gears, cai+tune, Qtec cut out, gutted cat, headers, Zex 100hp shot, and maybe an electric water pump.

  2. Your post is closest to the truth.. It is human nature to always want more.. Off the top, a 100HP shot of nitrous would be more than enough to take down a GT..

    This may be the best and cheapest way to accomplish a GT takedown.. Imagine a GT with 2 car lengths on a V6 poser.. Only to get swollowed up in the last 1/8 of a mile.. A devastating situation to be in if you own a stock GT.. Eaten alive by a V6 with a shot of dentist juice!..

  3. vandil hit the nail on the head. my S13 is a totally different car as the Z33. the chassis is lighter, cheaper, and has more aftermarket support than you can shake a stick at. so since i've restored it pretty much i have a car that most people dont see in decent condition that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor and if i drop a ford racing GT40 motor in it i'll be sittin pretty with 350hp pushin 2700lbs WITH and independant rear suspension and better aerodynamics than the mustang.

    MY quest is for good all around power NATURALLY ASPIRATED for road a race/weekend driver application.

    think about it like this: if GT SPEED is worth the voiding of your warranty then strap a blower on that sucker cause you want to spend 5 grand on a blower instead of 2 grand on the extra insurance every year. fine, thats your dime, i was just trying to understand a situation that doesn't make sense to me.

    NA power is the BEST most RELIABLE way to get power. its why i'm here. strapping a blower on a motor with good displacement seems fuggin stupid to me unless you've already maxed out its NA potential or have no warranty to kill.

    by contrast, blowers are stankin cool and i understand the wanting to have one. you just dont get that you stil have the tiny axle, lack of lsd, no GT brakes, and no GT suspension to go along with the deal.

    that being said, i wish they made the V6 rims wider cause i love the look but hate the skinny.

    so jimp, stop being such a tool and use your head before you post more RIDiculous bullcrap.

  4. There in your post, I have found the wall of intolerance.. When I set out originally to grasp more power to the V6, I was met with resistance.. You seem to feel that somehow we have enough displacement to make the V6 produce alittle more power without going the blower route.. If so, please explain..

    If not, are you also bashing the V6 and saying its just not worth it? Are you trying to make the point that the V6 is worthless? What are you saying man? I just kind of caught up with this thread, but am not sure exactly where you stand.. I dont want you and I to get too arguementative with each other, so please just explain to me how your position can add to the conversation.. By the way, you did a great job on your Nissan.. But whats your bottom line in regards to this thread? Are you trying to discourage the blower? Because we can do whatever we feel like doing without the bashing.. But I will let you state your position first..
  5. lets remove the variable of the warranty and say that you're stuck with the V6.

    strap a blower on it and put a good axle back there and kill some V8's.

    HOWEVER, the car just came out and everyone has a warranty still active that a blower would certainly murderize. not to mention the fact that purchasing that blower and the needed exhaust/intake mods will be like 6 grand then you have to deal with tranny, axle, and suspension stuff to run with a GT. hell, rims are like a grand.

    you have to look at the big picture, not just the "why can't i strap a blower on my car?". sure you can, but it'd be stupid unless you want it for the sole purpose of novelty But then that'd contradict the economic decision of buying a V6 over a GT right?

  6. Wow, you found a spelling error on teh intarweb, bet that makes you feel special! Buy up all the junkyard ricer cars you want, we don't care! This is a 2005 V6 forum! That's why we are here, why are you? I'm sure there are Nissan forums you could visit. www.google.com
  7. Makoto,

    I think your purpose in being here is to push for N/A power instead of forced induction. That seems to have been your underlying goal through all these discussions. You are, however, repeating yourself quite a bit. So far I have only seen you argue against supercharging the v6 so early, and backing it up with warranty kills, money should have been spent here, there etc etc. You arent really goin anywhere, mate.

    Id personally like to hear your reasoning for not puting a blower on this engine. Say, a year from now when my warranty is gone. It wont happen in my case because of finances, but I do intended to dig into the motor as soon as I can.

    Hopefully by that time I will have the full found of boltons.. exhaust, cai, headers, and a flash, t-lok and 4.10s. When my warranty does expire, I hope to begin by porting and polishing the heads as well as the intake and exhaust ports.. etc. After that, hopefully there will be more information on how far this engine can be bored over. Ive heard alot of really good things about boring out aluminum blocks :) By then, hopefully Ill be out of college and in a better position to do the work on the car financially. But now we're talking 4-5 years down the road already.

    So please, let me hear your road to success with this car. You preach N/A power. Tell me how to get the most out of my car :)
  8. in that case, strap a blower on it and have fun. i know a little about this motor but im no expert. i have a ranger so i've heard a bit about your motor. the 4.0 you have comes from the ranger (could be wrong, but i doubt it) looks the same, puts out the same power, and is the largest production V6 on the planet.

    powerful motor wtih good displacement and while i've heard of them being problematic in rangers ford could have resolved these issues for the stang (and newer rangers)

    say i was a kid in school and my rents said i couldn't ahve a GT but i could have a V6. i'd take it with no questions asked and mod the hell out of it. this isn't me knocking a good car (though i think jimp wants me to do that). jimp wants me to be the bad guy so he can take up for his car.

    he's probably just a kid that has nothing better to do than try to insult my creation because he's incapable of building anything close to it. anybody can slap shiny parts on a new car. i CHOSE to reinvent mine from the ground up before i even purchased it.

    "forgive them for the know not what they do" right? right.

    to each his own, carpe diem, and hasta luega.

  9. To install abit of common sense into the equation.. But coming from the stand point of a Japanese car, is it wrong for me to assume that most of these cars are V6' and 4Cyl's? If so, how are guys making civics pump out so much power? Nitrous and also SuperChargers..

    MakotoS13, Japanese cars do this more than anyother car.. People pump these cars endlessly.. Why is it a crime to do it to an American V6? Does not the same rule of physics apply? Physics= Bolt on Blower, Eat GT.. LOL!!

    But what would you recommend MakotoS13? I for one did examine both your pics, and realize you did a tremendous job on the car you own..
  10. "...let me hear your road to success with this car. You preach N/A power. Tell me how to get the most out of my car."

    Still waiting =P
  11. i'm not an import guy. i'm a car nut. i don't like forced induction because right now there are V8's that weigh the same as my 2.4L tough as nails 4 banger. sure, i could turbo it and get 300rwhp very easily, but it isn't instant NA power that a V8 offers.

    you're making the basic assumption that i see forced induction as stupid when in all reality its cool, just a bit excessive when you have a warranty to keep in tact.

    if you aren't going to comprehend what im saying i'll just stop. you guys seem to think that i'm against forced induction in general. that'd be stupid.

    its about displacement NOT piston number. you have a huge fuggin V6. there are 350Z's running 12's NA. a blower is the easy way, NA is the most reliable way to make power. its likea broken record in here, im not repeating that again.

    yeah,. i could turbo my motor or order an RB25 or SR20 from japan to replace my KA24 but i still wouldn't have the the power i wanted when i wanted it with zero lag ever.

    another thing is, on a V8 400hp is nothing. that's pretty much the point of my swap. you can beat the hell out of a motor if its well below its potential and tuned correctly.

    i dont see any reason why you guys can't get 300hp/tq out of that 4.0.
  12. I just looked at your web-site with the pictures of your Nissan. WOW!! What a hella-great job you have done to it!! :nice: Keep up the fantastic work, it looks awesome!
  13. thanks, the project is goin pretty nicely. once i get more power it'll be my little vette eater.

    its good to see that not everyone around here just talks trash about things they dont understand like Mr. Jimp.
  14. Jimp is a good guy, you just have to understand that there has been alot of GT/V-8 owners who like to come into the V-6 forums just to slam the owners and say how slow it is etc.....it gets old so we get defensive.
  15. well a low 15 second car for 20K that's RWD and looks nice is still a deal even if it isn't a GT. i dont see any reason to bash it.
  16. The coolest thing (to me at least) would be a V6 stang with one of these http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/engine/69199/ bolted in. Add a quiet exhaust, a shift kit in the auto, 4.10 gears and tear a lot of people up!!! :banana:
  17. Bro, theres no such thing as a quiet exhaust with one of those.. hate to tell ya... And its shift kit + stall converter :p
  18. would it be fairly easy to put a gt rear end in my v6, would yall happen to know about how much that would cost?
  19. the stock tranny would probably not be up to par, not to mention rear end upgrade, suspension, motor mounts, loss of a/c (possiby could rig up an aftermarket specialty setup for), poor mpg, getting headers to fit, $$$

    It would be sweet if you had the green $$$
  20. I am with MSP - A twinscrew Supercharger - Whipple, Kenne Bell, one that is not centrifugal. The stability of a supercharger for increased power with little concern of bottom-end engine rebuilding....well....here is a little snippit from Kenne Bell on the differences in the SCs and their boost scales...

    "All supercharger require you use the highest octane fuel available. 92 octane should be adequate for any 5-6psi kit. 8psi centrifugal kits are promoted by dealers and performance shops as they tend to develop a little more boost in the low to mid range than 5-6psi centrifugal kits. However, ignition timing must be retarded. That is why 8 psi kits from all the various kit suppliers include an ignition system and an ignition retard - which "retards" timing and, of course, reduces horsepower and performance. NOTE: If advancing timing improves performance (up to 16 degrees) retarding timing conversely hurts performance. In fact, what you gain from 2psi (20-25hp) is lost by retarding timing 4-6 degrees. The Kenne Bell 6psi kits (for GT) actually outperform the centrifugal 8psi kits because of higher boost at any rpm and more boost at the shifts. Now we all know that there are ways to run 8psi and higher boost levels with 1.) 24, 30, 35, 40, and 50 lb. injectors, 2.) ultra-high fuel pressure, 3.) lower compression ratios, and/or 4.) higher octane fuel or fuel boosters, but that was not the 92 octane question. Also keep in mind that modifications 1, 2, and 3 are not "50 state legal". Therefore, if your goal is to run 8psi and develop 20-25 additional horsepower with 92 octane fuel, consider adding a can of black bottle 104 brand Octane Booster at $6.00 per tank full. $100.00 for 5000 miles of driving is cheap performance by some standards."...

    I have engineering concerns with Turbos and NOS kits unless you are going to functionally re-engineer the engine to ensure that you do not cause a pressure blow in the manifold or cylinders. As with most modifications to the modulated engine..one at a time is a good rule to go by unless subsequent chagnes are required to ensure that you do not encounter engine failure, that way if something goes wrong, you pretty much know the cause.

    Tuning will be required. I would suggest that due to the EEC-V/PCM table alogoritims you purchase a kit that has a programmer that can upload the appropriate data so that the SC performs as intended. Therefore, unless you can program a custom tune, "model swapping" a SC from an Explorer or Ranger application will not be able to take a handheld device.

    I do not feel that without major engine internals and modifications to the Unibody chassis, a transmission swap (T5 has a max TQ cap at 175-300 dependant on specific unit), rear end, diff, gears, that the max numbers cited of around 500 could be handled by the engine design. Even the 3-V has a week point at the stainless steel ring in the upper piston ring.

    On a side note and to throw some flames on the fire, It will be interesting to see how the new 3V-V-8 engine manages the increases in power. The new cylinder heads feature two intake valves and one exhaust valve per cylinder. And, although this new 3V system has a SOHC, the addition of variable cam timing should improve modification performance by advancing and retarding the existing cam profile.

    The redesigned intake manifold should also accept SCing well. The ports on the 3V are designed and have been machined more like the 4V; in that they are long and slender rather than the round style we are used to with the previous 2V 4.6L.....Without going too nutty here... Ford has accomplished with this 3V intake manifold set-up what the "older" 4V Cobra Intake Manifold Runner Controls did..

    Okay....back on task folks.... I am tired and will do some more research tomorrow after work.


    P.S. I would not change out any parts in my V-6 until warranty expires. Magnuson-Moss Act will not prevent warranty exclusions due to major modifications that cause component failure. BUT, that is just me and I only have this as my daily driver.... :nonono: