"Blown" An Epic Campaign to V6 Mustang Superiority!

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  5. [​IMG]

    Thought this would get some of you V6'ers all fired up ..

    Thats right off the Procharger website ...

    So it's just a matter of time !! :owned:
  6. by the time it comes out your warranties will probably be all dead.

    sounds like a plan.
  7. Unfortunatly so will be my wallet.. hehe
  8. The weights you quote indicate a 150 to 200 lb difference. While this isn't a huge amount of weight, it certianly isn't insignificant. 175 lbs is like having an extra, fairly large person riding along all the time. Consider that racers will spend several hundred dollars (or more) on a carbon fiber hood to shave 50 lbs (or less) from their car. Or, that they will drill holes in the pedals to shave an ounce or two.
    What's even more significant is that most of this extra weight is probably in the front, which makes the weight distribution even worse. The 175 lb discrepancy may only account for a 0.02 g skidpad difference (say 0.91 vrs 0.89) or 1 mph extra in the slalom ... but ... it's still Better.

    I get the feeling that there are some GT owners who like to think that the GT is better *in every way* than the V6. I'm sorry if they feel threatened, but that just isn't so.

    A GT will always be much quicker and faster than the V6.
    A GT will always stop quicker than the V6.
    A GT even looks better than the V6.

    But, the V6 can (and will) handle better when similarly configured. Plus, with the $5K you save, you can get 255/45's on lightweight 18" wheels, a complete H&R or Eibach suspension package (springs, matched shocks/struts, F/R sway bars, CC plates, bumpsteer kit) all installed and aligned for 3.5K and turn circles around a stock GT (w/ 1.5K left for engine mods).

  9. I agree with your general statements. The GT is not better in every way.... it is essentially the same car just faster. However, when similarly configured in the power department (i.e. some type of supercharger) the weight difference will be even less. You will most likely be adding more weight to get the performance up than you realize in the initial weight savings.

    1. bigger wheels/tires (even lightweight ones) will weigh more
    2. bigger brakes will weigh more
    3. bigger sway bars are heavier
    3. the supercharger, intercooler and plumbing will add AT LEAST 75 lbs to the front of the car
    4. dual exhaust is heavier

    The idea of modding and having fun with your car is great. And, I really was impressed with the performance of the V6 stang I drove around for a day. AND on the street the 50 or so lbs of weight difference you will have left won't make enough difference to make up for the lower power.

    I would love to see some actual curb weights of the modded V6 cars.

  10. LOL!! Thats my boy!! :nice:

    I love knowledge, that when typed so clearly it is easy to understand!! LOL!!
  11. You have saved my life!! Thank you!! Hope has overwhelmed me!! :nice:

    Would have been nice to have a direct link.. But at any rate, my life has some type of hope left, without having to buy a $40,000 Cobra.. Thanks man.. This is the best news I have seen here in a long time brother!! Let me buy you a beer!! :p
  12. Jesus!! You gotta admit the guys with GT's got it made though.. The Procharger Bolts on 525+ HP! Damn!! Thats more than enough excuse to pay higher insurance, and gas!! LOL!!

  13. @ChrisNY

    Hey Chris, you have no idea how important your post is.. You see, my choice for initially buying the V6, was in direct relation to this product.. Dude, I have butterflies now.. LOL!! For awhile I thought I might have to give up my 10sec V6 2005 Mustang theory.. But you have enabled me to dream once again.. LOL!! I can now be as free as a bird with speculation.. Thanks man.. I'm dead serious, once this is all said and done, if we all ever decide to meet somewhere as a group, I'll be the first to buy you your very own pitcher of beer man!! LOL!!


    I told you all, the smart choice is the V6.. Trust me!! I know I even doubted it for awhile, but ChrisNy came like a bat outta hell and supported all my dreams and aspirations for the V6 Stang.. Its going to happen guys.. Some day soon, we will have Blown V6 Stangs!! :nice: "Believe it!!"

    Also, the 10sec 2005 V6 Stang theory, is a push, to atleast get the car to 12's.. LOL!! To start off!!
  14. http://www.procharger.com/pdf/appGuide.pdf
    Looks like the previous year's V6 systems go for around $3800-4000. Not bad. And they claim a 50% power boost. Also not bad. Things are looking up for the V6s. :D
  15. Dude, a 50% increase will put us at 315HP!! I'm in Jimp!! In my case maybe 350HP because of the XPIPE.. LOL!! Who knows.. We'll see!!

    Plus the SCT tune could put us close to 400HP.. ? Am I dreaming, or am I kinda of close..?

    Hey Jimp, you know how I get, so if I get carried away, slap me.. LOL!!

    Man, we'll be running with 2007 Cobras baby!! LOL!! Someone slap me quick!!!

    Giving me hope, is just going to cause us problems with the GT guys.. They dont want us to have hope..
  16. I have a friend who is pretty into these cars . .. he has like 3 Mustangs himself .. anyways .. what I am trying to say is ...

    He seems to be pretty sure these cars are good for mid 300's he feels 400 may even be in reach ..

    I think if you keep it realistic and understand that your never gonna safely put that 525 you mentioned in the GT to the wheels then you will be pleased.

    What I mean is keep your goals realistic and youll have fun. 350/400HP is more then any of us need anyways driving on the streets. Anything more should probably be saved for the track IMO.
  17. Shoot, 400 rwhp is about perfect for a daily driver.

    400 is a bit of a reach with basic bolt ons+supercharger, imo. unless they do something for us and come up with some numbers like they did for the GT. Of course, the motors are completely different. If I saw 400 rwhp out of this Id not only be estatic, but very surprised.

    I wonder what the kid will come with? Larger injectors in the least will probably be necessary... And I wonder how this will affect the ability to dig very far into the motor? with that much power I wouldnt feel safe at all with going to forged internals. Makes me consider boring and porting/polishing in this case as well... oh we have dreams....

  18. Trust me.. My realtime goal in the short-term would be to match or slightly exceed the power of the GT..

    Lets also be realistic in the real short-term.. Should we all be digging through the wrecking yards for rear-ends? I guess our current rear-end would be ok for about 400HP, but our launch would suffer.. What do you guys think?
  19. I think 400 hp would be about pushing the strength of our rear end.. run a google search or something and see if you cant find it. The 8.8in would be a whole lot better though. Wait.. what other rear ends will bolt up with our tranny?
  20. No .. what he decribes is more then bolt ons to achieve that .. he was talking about head work .. porting and all that .. plus the SC .. and yes changing the rear end .. But his personal oppinion is that the block can handle that kind of power. Of course that is all oppinion.. and Oppinions are like *******s everybody has one .. But I trust this guy when it comes to cars.

    I personally am not ever going to want all that .. I just would like the SC and basic bolt ons and I would be more then happy...