Fox Blown Head Gasket-upgrade Ideas

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  1. I'm here to ask for ideas on upgrades after troubleshooting overheating problems for a couple weeks followed by oil in the radiator and overflow...

    I want this car to be a bad ass street/DailyDriver capable car. Nothing huge, just looking for maybe another 50 horse or so. With Vortec I went from stock 225 hp to 285 hp.

    Here's what were dealing with:

    1989 GT
    77000 original miles
    Vortec V2 with boost retard, kit for stock motor.
    BBK shorty headers
    American Thunder Flowmaster

    After that list as far as engine goes its pretty much stock. Now I have been told this vortec kit was built to bolt on to stock engine. I still have stock injectors, distributor, cam, intake, etc. The Vortec did install new MAF box and filter but still using stock sensor I think(anybody know answer to this?)

    So. What are some good choices? I can't spend a ton of cash but maybe ballpark of $1500 or so. This is of course a DIYer.

    Be sure to explain in a little detail for me cuz I'm not up on all the lingo just yet. Been doing the mechanic DIY for around 10yr and hot rods just 2yr. Thanks!
  2. Forgot to mention.

    Aluminum radiator.
    I recently bought an electric fan so I'm hoping to already get 7-9 of those 50 extra horse from this upgrade.
    New 130 amp alternator upgrade on its way.
    New water pump. Going stock I think.
    New serpentine belt.
    Can I trust Felpro Gaskets from the Zone?
  3. I'm assuming you have an fmu from vortech kit. For a 1500$ budget I'd ditch the fmu and buy a pro-m 80mm mas,matching bigger injectors(42 or 60#),340lph pump,and get a dyno tune. After fixing the head gaskets of course. You could swap out the pulleys for a little more boost and get mid to upper 300rwhp.
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  4. The best head gaskets are the MLS/cometic gaskets but they run about 150$
  5. It does have the FMU. I would love to get rid of it. I have an aftermarket fuel pump, pretty sure its on for the vortech so I assumed its setup to support 60lb which is why I needed the fmu? This was all installed by PO so I'm assuming this. I can hear the loud azz hell fuel pump everytime I turn the key.

    can you give me some details on pully's?
  6. How a bout a set of heads while your replacing the head gaskets? Anything is better then stock. A set of gt40s would help quite a bit. Usually can find some for $400 or so. Should leave you enough for injectors, nice Maf, fuel pump, tune and some head studs.
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  7. My best advise I can give for vortech stuff is to contact @84Ttop. He can get all the stuff you'll need
  8. Lets establish a plan of action here first. So assuming the head gaskets are bad and you will be removing the heads, what is your next step? Are you keeping the stock heads or replacing them with GT40's or
    Aluminum heads? There is no problem running the FMU on an otherwise stockish setup. Plan your work before you work with no plan... You have a healthy budget for some upgrades, What are your ultimate goals? Is this a DD?
  9. Stock Heads or GT40's?
    I don't know. I'm looking at the GT40X's on and they are sold individually for $500 each. So this sounds like it's out of my budget range?

    It is a DD yes. I'm looking to get something else to drive fairly soon but for now it a DD. But I bought the car to have something fun to drive everyday so i'm not necessarily looking to skimp on upgrades.

    My ultimate goal is to simply have a bad ass DD. Something fun to drive. I don't care about MPG's, I care about RWHP's, CU IN's, and WOW's!

    At a budget of course :)

    I need idea's. Should I go with what A5Liter Man was mentioning above or should I go a different route? If someone can shoot me several ideas that are possible with my current setup and within my budget I can then make a decision on what I like the best. My problem right now is I don't really know what is out there and what is possible. I'm a DIYer not a professional, but I love the reward of doing a professional job by taking the time to research. And asking you guys is part of my research since you provide experience that I don't have! I love this forum!

  10. sounds like a junk yard, ebay, craigslist gt40, gt40p head hunt should go in action :nice:
  11. I have the scoop on some gt40 heads (not P heads) complete in need of rebuild. You'll need machine work and springs but I found a guy that sells them for $225.00 shipped. I know you can buy them cheaper but you don't have to take them off. I bought a set myself.
  12. Holy hell! What rock did you crawl out from under? o_O

    Welcome back. ;)
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  13. Took some time off for a career change. MAJOR one. It called for about 2.5 yrs of school and study. I'm working and making money now. I've been collecting parts the whole time. Now I build.
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  14. Get to work
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  15. Sorry I took so long to reply. I was tapping bolt holes in my new heads.
  16. that's cheap! If they aren't p heads what are they? I may be interested, how do I get a hold of this person? Also, if I were to go on a hunt for some gt40x heads where would I find them? Did other cars/trucks come from factory with them?

    Guys I have a big update coming also. Pictures and a video. I just haven't had time to upload yet. I'm hoping to get that update this weekend.
  17. They are regular GT40 heads. Not GT40P heads. Same casting as a 93-95 Cobra. X heads are aluminum. You would have to buy them new or search ebay or classifieds for them.
  18. what's better, aluminum or cast?
  19. Cast iron is way cheaper, more abundant for deals already ported worked etc, but they are heavier and you wont ever strip out the spark plug hole for the most part.

    Aluminum is more $$ but way lighter on the front end and you can run more timing with aluminum than cast iron. With aluminum it's better to get the stud mounted rockers, I've heard the torque on pedestal rockers can break the aluminum at different times :shrug: and be careful with the spark plug holes and don't strip them or any
    other bung hole :nice: <-------- "that's what she said!!" :rlaugh:
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  20. The cast iron gt40 heads are a good low budget head. Aftermarket aluminum heads are way better for performance. The gt40s have their place. They def are better than stock heads but for me I would go with tfs/Afr alum heads. Unless you really can't swing them into your budget they are the way to go IMO. Plenty of them can be bought used also. I've seen them anywhere from 500$-800$. Only a few hundred difference between them and worked gt40's
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