Blown65, Hows the project??

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  1. sounds good, did some tuning on the street, well as much as can be done safely and not go to jail. LOL

    Saw about 18psi in 3rd and man does it pull hard. Cant wait till Friday.

    You know its making some good power when third with 3.70 gears feels like my old motor in second with 4.56's. :D
  2. car sounds great !
  3. Nice, got mine all hooked up with my transbrake. Ready to go make some runs tonight at the track. :)
  4. Too short on fuel for 24psi, dropped back to 15-16psi for next weekend.

    Just some partial runs, but hell [email protected] isnt bad when you consider how much I was out of it. :)

    9/16/2011 - YouTube
  5. Hell just making a semi full pass after as much work as you did is a great place to start. Is your fuel pump not big enough, or do you need bigger injectors or both? Im heading to sac raceway tomorrow to do my testing. Hoping for that 10.9X time slip..
  6. Not sure, too much to look at and keep things in check. I have a FP sensor coming so I can log it in the XFI box. Either these injectors are not doing what they are supposed to or the pump isn't. By math both should be more than enough but its not for whatever reason.

    Have a few other little things I'm going to do but otherwise its running real well. Streetable wise its awesome, 160-180 degrees water temp cruising around and nice and smooth. Kinda loud with these mufflers, but the fuel pump is so loud it gets rid of that part. heh Love it at WOT, has an awesome sound that you cant hear in the video.
  7. What kind of MPG you expecting?:rlaugh:
  8. i like the way it leaves the line, not so violent to break ***** but still hauls a$$.

    very nice
  9. Actually does very well on fuel when your out of the throttle. Haven't calculated it but its much better on fuel than my N/A motor was.

  10. I was leaving TONS out of it on the line.
  11. I know you were probably expting 9's, but compared to a soft launch and running a 10, i'll take the 10 and save the parts:nice:
  12. I know you were probably expting 9's, but compared to a soft launch and running a 10, i'll take the 10 and save the parts:nice:
  13. Oh, I wasn't really expecting a 9 on that night. I know it will run one easily though once I work thru a few things. My one aborted run it was going 114mph in the 1/8. My 9.89 ET from last year was 109 in the 1/8.
  14. I cant say i wouldnt REALLY appreciate some better miliage out of mine.. its pretty bad..
    I wont even drive mine out of town anymore. smoked amost 15gal on a 60 mile drive. In all farness though, if i sent my carb to CSU it would have better idle and cruise A/F. Its cruising at like 10.9 A/F right now. And Idle's at like 12.0 A/F.. Kinda painful. But WOT is at 11.8.. so its a double edged sword.
  15. Well good and bad tonight.

    Good, went [email protected] in the 1/8 and [email protected] in the 1/4 footbraking with a pathetic 1.53 60'.

    Bad, torched #4 on the head. Wasn't lean according to the plugs and datalog so all I can figure is it lifted the head and found its way out the gasket. Hopefully its just a weld up on the head and put it back together. Happened right at the finish line. Definitely will run a 8 second time once I get it off the starting line. First run off the trans brake was instantly up to 8000 rpm.

    all in all I'm happy even though I hurt something. Thankfully its fairly minor so far. Probably oring the heads and block I guess just for added safety.

  16. Right on man. Thing is ganna scream! I decided it was time to make my next big move with my car and do the motor combo ive been wanting. so i just listed all the good stuff for sale, and making a pretty big move. So i guess ill see how that goes.

  17. Ya, I saw your stuff FS on the Bullet.

    Cant wait for some more traction, bring on the 8's. :D
  18. Well, on the 15th went to grudgefest. Car actually did what i knew it could do. [email protected] 1.52 60ft. Wishin i had a trans brake at this point. Cause im foot braking at only 2200. Im ganna bring it up to redding this weekend. And then its getting put away for the winter. You get your fuel issue figured out?