Blown65, Hows the project??

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  1. Well, sorta. Sold my injectors and going to order Moran 235's this spring.
  2. 235's?!! wow.. that E85 sucks some gas!
  3. Well, its a little more than I need, 160's might of been enough but I dont feel like buying another set down the road if I wanna lean on it more.
  4. Well, i had traction issues most of the night in redding. But after working on things it ran [email protected] 1.52 60. So life is good going into winter!
  5. It's a '65 party up in hurrrrr :banana:
  6. Well, what have you been able to accomplish so far this winter?
  7. Maybe ill just start a new thread... lol
  8. Sorry, don't come on here very often.

    Got my Billet 225 injectors, changed to some Diamond Pistons, new valves, new retainers, copper head gaskets, oringed the block with rec grooves in the heads. New lifters (mine had lots of time on them)

    Its all done and ready to assemble. Going to add a W/A intercooler also. Got the waterpump, intercooler and heat exchanger already. Probably build a water tank for up front. Since it is still a street car I dont want to take up any room inside to run stuff. Should make some big power numbers when done. Flirting with 4 digits. :D

    Sorry for not posting earlier....
  9. No prob.. I dont come on here to often anymore either. My car doesnt exactly conform to the typical "stock" build. Wow, that car is ganna be a animal. I should be up around 700rwhp this year. Switched to forged rods and pistons this year. And start my turbo hotside build this weekend. Car will be up in redding for kool april nites. But wont be able to race till i build a new transmission. Pretty sure this one doesnt stand a chance

  10. Prob wont be racing this yr with mine. Too many little things to get done first with it. Just enjoy it for drives to the food joint with the family and little car meets around town. Next yr go for a 8.99 or faster ET though. :)
  11. Whats the story with medfords track? i heard it might be closed??
  12. Well there was a chance of it, but now looks like the OP of Reddings track will also be running our track. The county bought the necessary equipment to keep it running.

    From what I gather, April sometime will be opening day. :)
  13. Anything new in the life of Blown65? I just bought myself a 65 coup with a 289. So I've been following your process and trying to do a simular build myself.
  14. Nothing really, just been burning E85 driving around on the street. 3rd gear rolls at 5psi is kinda fun when you have this much power/torque to play with. :D

    Next up on the list is have my window net installed and my W/A intercooler all done up. PITA fitting all this under the hood but I will not cut into the inside of the car cause I like to go cruising around with the family. :D

    Last on the list is my SFI Bellhousing, trans shield and Parachute (cause it screams Street Car. LOL) Actually I need it anyways since last outing it went nearly 151mph and its just going to make more power. I feel it should flirt with 160mph in the 1/4 when its all said and done. Hopefully by next spring Ill get it on the dyno to do tuning and then hit the strip for some hopeful 8's. Of course driving to and from the track.
  15. Very exciting. Can't wait to see some numbers and videos. Did you ever find out what torched your head? Was it lifting up and leaking through the gasket?
  16. Ran out of fuel injector and went lean. Actually was pretty much out of injector at 7000-7200 rpm and went thru the traps at 8000-8100.

    Went from 120's to 225's, should be no issue now.
  17. Yeah, that'll do it.
  18. Got the junk all back together.
    Added a Water/Air intercooler, all under the hood so its still a street car with stock interior that goes. :)
    IAT's went from 200 something degrees at half track to 117 degrees. Went to do a full track pull but blew the tires off on the starting line and that was my last run of the night. My half track pass was a 1.44 60' [email protected] and [email protected] Would of probably ran in the 9.20 range if I went WOT the full way and close to 150 again. Tons of timing and dumping lots of fuel so there is so much more left in the car. Cant even see timing on the plugs. LOL
    225lbhr injectors were at 65% DC so all good there now. No blown head gaskets from 100% DC.

    W/A Picture
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  19. Oh, and got my window net in, just gotta get my Parachute and a few other things and Ill be set. Changing rear gears from 3.70's to 3.25's cause I'm coming up short in the 1/4.