Blown65, Hows the project??

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  1. New update

    Did some road tuning then strapped it down on the chassis dyno with Brian Macy from Horsepower Connection. Dyno was being stupid and not giving reliable numbers on my car for whatever reason but showed 804 and then 805hp on the two of three pulls. Decided it looked good to go and went where it counts, at the strip.

    Tried to pull a bunch of timing (10 degrees for .75 seconds) and it would still blow off the tires at the hit, so the last two runs I just footbraked it to a [email protected] and then a [email protected] with a 1.46 short time. Could of put the timing back in some and maybe pick up the 8 but I want to save my transmission for the Cruise night drags. View attachment 128922

    Vid of the nights run in order.

  2. Dyno's and automatics never seem to be to give accurate numbers. But i see you are rapidly approching numbers that are going to make the C4 unhappy. lol Which is good and bad i guess. So will it just not hook up on the brake? Anything you can do with shocks or suspension to make it hook?

    I am way deep in on mine right now. Hoping to be out before the year is over. But who knows.

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  4. God dayum, that's moving! Great pass.
  5. Been a while but got my car on a dyno that works. lol

    871RWHP and 666 TQ. 21PSI
  6. Awesome numbers man! What year C4 did you have before you upgraded to the powerglide? I have the C4 out of my 65 and looking to make about 600 crank power and have been having a hell of a time trying to find a rebuild kit that will handle up to that much power. All of the kits I've found are for 66 and newer.
  7. Mine was a Performance Automatic super comp with brake. It has a ton of passes on it, still never been rebuilt. Sold it to my neighbors and they have been running it behind their 600hp 427 sbf. Still shifts like new. I bet it has 800+ passes on it.
  8. Yeah, I was hoping to find a rebuild kit and rebuild mine as opposed to buying a new trans, just for money's sake.