Blub Blub Blub Blub Hmmm I hear 5 . oh's rumbling around the corner

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  1. Yeah. really....this place IS dead.The "V6 forums are dead" thread is too long to read through.

    Thought I might make it look a little more active.I'm thinking more people are either getting 4.6's or the newer S197's .Though I might add I'm not a fan of the latest gen Mustangs.I work at a Ford Dealership in the service dept.I drive the new Fords every day right off the line.The 4.0's are ok but still seem slow.The exhaust on those have an annoying burbling sound much worse than 94 - 04 3.8's.And the 5 spd trannys have too much bearing nouse through the shifter bezel.GT's are much better off.And they sound like they come stock with Borla exhaust.They are much quicker if they come from the factory with the 3.73 gear ratio..and you also get it with a 5 spd.Overall though the way the whole car looks.....I think it's because they made it too long front to back.If they were a little shorter they'd look a little better IMO...

    Just a space waster post..
  2. The rear sort of makes the car look like a pregnant rat. I love the way the front half of the car looks though.
  3. How much horsepower are the 4.0s supposed to have?
  4. Well sorry I didn't reply much sooner.I hate working so late and not having time to do things because you get so tired out from it.

    As of what I remember,the 4.0's were around 210 - 220 HP.The V6 Explorers also are 4.0L's.Though they seem like they get off the line faster than the V6 Mustangs.May be programming or it may just be a different gear set.

    If it were up to me and I had to stay with a V6 in a Mustang for economy purposes,I would remove the 3.8 and put in a 4.0.What bugs me the most about newer engines are the fact Ford uses plastic upper intake plenums......Gaaaahhhh...plastic...can't port them and an aluminum aftermarket replacement is hell expensive.Perhaps It's just better to port the stock 3.8 and go from there.

    For sound and's V8's all the way.
  5. oops - edit

    whops man.looking up old SN posts on google through my smartphone and somehow posted a blank reply..
    Oh well.blub blub blub back from the dead..heh
  6. Right on, but for right now I will take any fuel economy I can get from the V6. Screw performance and sound.

  7. Actually the fuel economy of the V6 and V8 is very similar.
  8. True, but the 2 to 5 mile difference per gallon is a lot to me right now.
  9. I hear ya. I'm commuting 50 miles a day highway right now in my GT. Luckily i'm managing 26MPG consistently doing it. Not bad for a V8 and it's a fun drive.
  10. haha this is good timing. I recently rode in my friend 5.0 and decided i want to try and find one.
  11. I own I have both lol
  12. BLUB BLUB returns......lololol. :D holy crap I havent been here in about 3 years lol. Tbis post came up when I was looking for 5.0 cam exhaust vids in google. Thought I'd revive the dead haha :p