Blue Fog lights

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 00BlackBeautyGT, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, where can I find some blue/hyper-white bulbs to replace my yellow fog lights. I got blue/hyper-white headlight bulbs already. I would like to match em with my fog lights. I can't seem to find them anywhere.

  2. I am not sure what you are asking for...are you looking for the blue fog lights themselves, as I have in my car? or do you just want the bulbs themselves?
  3. I'm looking just for the bulbs.
  4. slyvania sells foglight bulbs for our cars.
  5. I checked them up and don't see any for a blue colored one.
  6. i dunno about blue but they have a white that may be white/blue
  7. You can get blue/white ones on ebay for like $9. I changed out my stock ones for the white/blue ones and they work fine.
  8. What is the part no. for that bulb. Anybody know?
  9. H3 i think?
  10. 899 is the #.
  11. Are the #'s you're giving me the stock part # or is it the new aftermarket #?
  12. I just put some clear foglights w/ blue bulbs om my 01 GT and it totally looks awesome and makes a bigger difference at night. I paid $99 for the clear foglights and I got the blue bulbs w/ them for $12 each.
  13. lb01gt do you have pics of what it looks like???
  14. I know that UPR sells clear fog light housings. I have Eaglite fog bulbs. supposed to be hyper white. I couldn't tell a difference. Oh well. Just sets off the Solaris bulbs in the headlamps that much more. :)
  15. sorry 1tufgt, I don't have a pic yet, but here is the link of where I bought them from and they have a pic of the foglights before installed..
  16. I was in Circut City the other day looking at a new head unit, and I saw they had some fog lights there. They were only $20 so I picked up a set. Didn't expect much from them but they match almost perfect to my PIAA head lights. I think there called Eurolights or something like that.
  17. Try looking for the Sylvania silver stars! Killer bulbs. Kragen should have them.