Blue Mustang Registry is a reality

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  1. Here ya go guys. It's a start.

    Please, please let me know of any bugs that you may find. I haven't completely debugged it but it's rather functional. I'll square away the interface later when I get the time.

    If anyone is a graphical artist or just really good and wants to design anything feel free. Send them to [email protected]. Thanks!
  2. well.... one thing i noticed is you posted this in the 2.3L 4cly. forum but under model options that is not even an option. :D
  3. ....and No listing for Bimini Blue.. its a factory color so i dont think it falls in the custom category. Just need to work out the bugs a little.

  4. I made a mistake. The interior colors, transmission and convertible top color (if applicable) were not added to the database. E-mail your name and year and the colors and I'll put them in. Sorry.

    [email protected]
  5. Man, I hope somebody starts a Gray Mustang with Red Door Registry (GMRDR) so I too can feel like I belong somewhere. :stick:

    I am looking for other people that share not only my love for mustangs, but for Gray Mustangs with A Red Door (Drivers side preferably). :banana: :banana:
  6. Just go paint it blue and you'll belong.
  7. 1993 Cobra Blue!!!!
  8. That's kinda gay, IMO. Where does it all end? What about the Red Mustang Registry, or how about the PGMR? Primer Gray Mustang Registry?

    Please. :rolleyes:

  9. I'm going to sue for discrimination since there is no 9L cars on that web site :D

    Anyways is this site just to catolog people who owns a blue stang? I'm not sure I would do this or any other type of reg for my cars. Knowing my luck some theif would use this list to track down my car to steal :eek: Hey I've seen both versions of "Gone in Sixty Seconds" :p
  10. How about this: my mustang is red with a good deal of primer beginning to show through on the hood and roof, so I propose we make a GNRMR: gray n' red mustang registry!
  11. theres no deep shadow blue metallic. :(

  12. We will have to do that, that way those of us with more rough looking stangs can belong somewhere :D

    and Merc123: Many people have looked at my car in its post turbo conversion state and asked "so when are you going to paint it?" my reply is always "well there are X engine, suspension, and brake mods to do yet so probably after those are done." IMHO form follows function. My reply wasn't to flame anything, just a bit of self depricating humor. I laughed about it.

    Besides, there is something cool about a sleeper.
  14. True Blue Roush II registered!
  15. Is that a factory color?
  16. I tried a lot of colors and these are all that I could find. Maybe no one really likes white?
  17. I don't think anyone is going to go "Oh there's an 85 SVO in Grand Rapids, MI. I guess I'll go drive around for the next 20 years attempting to locate it to steal."