Blue's New Project. 1990 Gt..... 1989 Gt????

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  1. I have a 1988 notch original 5.0 and 5spd. I really don't want to tear into it even though it is far from perfect. Wanted something a little more project oriented that I could do whatever with and not really care about keeping the originality of the car. So ........ I bought two GT's

    The first is a 1990 GT original with a auto. No motor or trans. Black interior, Griggs Sub frame connectors, 2.73 rear (was told it had a 4.10), looks like some rear drag shocks. Needs ground effects and a bumper which brings me to the vert I bought at the same time.

    1989 Vert that was rear ended. Has good ground effects and front bumper to donate to the 90 GT. Also, it has a 3.55 rear, aftermarket LCA's, aluminum D/S, I am guessing some sort of aftermarket springs but have to get in there first tear it apart. No motor or trans.

    Both have clear titles but all I wanted the 89 for was some parts pieces for the 90. For less than a 1000 I will be able to make the 90 GT a decent car.My kids say all that I am missing is a LX body fastback style then I will have completed the foxbody circle of life. Both have been sitting outside for a long time and need a good washing as well as bug bombing. Should be a fun project. First thing is to strip what I don't need to sell and makeup some of the cash I am out. I really want the vert done with so I can have more room to work with and really is just a donor car. Clean everything up and start bolt pieces onto the 90GT. Pretty sure I want to shave and smooth out the engine bay as well. I have heard it is easier to buy the sheet metal to put over the inner fenders than it is to fill all the holes and fill and sand. I also found some places that sell the inner fender pieces that are solid with none of the factor holes that go over the stock pieces. I will do some research on this before I make a decision.

    YAY ME. :banana: IMG_0822.JPG IMG_0825.JPG IMG_0826.JPG IMG_0827.JPG
  2. Scott Rod is who you wanna look up for your engine bay.
    Scott's a cool dude and is coming out with all kinds of stuff
  3. Great thanks. Are those pieces something that you would weld on top of the stock pieces or tear out the stock panels and weld these in?
  4. Can be done either way, but the preferred method is to cut out the existing apron to avoid getting moisture in between panels
  5. That's what I was thinking but I did not know what gauge steel was being used and if it was sturdy enough to hold up in the engine bay. Especially with all the massive torque these monsters lay to the ground.... HA
  6. I cut my aprons out and welded panels in. You'd never be able to get it to look right with it layered up one on the other...
  7. A quick google search will give you all the info. I'll be using them on mine as well as his firewall piece. I talked to him about a month ago and he said there were a lot of parts in the works for spring. I don't want to get too carried away with aluminum covers but he's got some really nice stuff at good prices.
    Anywho, what are the driveline plans?
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  8. I emailed him and they said I could do which ever. I really don't want to sandwich the new over the old creating a rust zone. I also dont mind welding and saving some money in the end. I don't get paid to work o nmy own projects so time is not an issue. As far as engine...... .... ....
  9. Got quite a few things done. Sold parts off of the vert and put sn95 spindles on with the bullit rims. I was able to sell all four spindles, the convertible top and other pieces.

    I have had the 5 lug spindles and bullitts for years and were meant for the notch but priorities change. I got the fender from the vert and bumper off and ready to be put on the GT.

    Still tearing apart the vert and getting ready to toss it. Going to work on swapping three rears next weekend. Should be interesting with three cars and only four jackstands. May have to pick a few more up before the weekend. image.jpg image.jpg
  10. I swapped a 5.0 notch and a 4cyl notch brakes, rear and suspension onto each other once. So I feel your pain. Hurts when you think "whew, glad that's done" and glance over at the other one laying in pieces :nice:

    Keep it up!
  11. Yeah I hear ya. The GT i am keeping has damage to the lower radiator core support that i am not sure what to do with just yet. It is only the lower piece in the center area. Maybe just cut out the piece and swap it out with the vert's? Apparently the 89 and 90 are different supports but i dont know where they are different. Looking at it, it looks like it is doubled up in some areas. I could also buy a team z tubular lower support and weld that in..... Decisions decisions.
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  12. New parts arrived. Always a good feeling to get brown boxes left at my door step..... unless it is full of poo and set on fire...... that sucks

    Here is my AJE K member I bought for $220 on CL. Then some parts to help install the power plant. ..


    Said power plant (no not the bicycle.)


    I still have to finish parting out the 89 vert before I get any real work done to the GT. Been feeling under the weather lately so I havent got too much work done on it. Hope to turn that around this weekend.

    Enjoy the pics.
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  13. My biggest regret is not swapping my K out for an AJE. Good choice there
  14. I was going to go with modifying my stock one but I got a good deal on this one. Actually my wife got a good deal on it for my bday. Can't complain.
  15. You'll be thankful you went tubular when it comes time to fit the rest of it. Still have the remains of the parts car to dig through or is it crusher-ready?
  16. Nope I still have it. Parts selling slowly and I have been busy as heck. I cant wait til it is gone though. It will free up soo much more room. It still has plenty of parts on it but I fear a lot of good parts will go to the trash. Oh well, I got what I needed off of it.
  17. Sold one of the rearends today. Basically started at 10:15ish and had it all out around 10:45. It didn't hurt that the driveshaft and exhaust was already all the way out.. image.jpeg stang2.jpeg

    Taking the rearend (3.73s) from my notch (HOTNESS) to put into the GT
    I have another rear with 3.55 that will go into the notch.
  18. I used the team z tubular lower support in my 89. Worked out great, I recommend it.
  19. The cross member is on the list of things to look at but not at the top. I am going to decide on what to do with it once I start smoothing the engine bay. Not sure if I am going to go with Scott rod inner fender wells or just fab up some panels myself.
  20. Nothing really new. Most the harness is out. Just hanging on there. Going to try and pull the rear of the notch out tonight and hopefully into the 90 GT. I need my garage back. It is too hot to park my DD outside in the sun here in AZ. I think it was a mere 109 today though. Nice to have a cool day every now and then.