BNIB Convertible Foxbody Parts ( Maryland - 20762 )

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by dgladhill, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. Name: Dave
    Contact info: PM here.
    Location: Andrews AFB, MD ( 20762 )

    Ordered these for my '90 convertible GT a few years ago and was t-boned before I had a chance to install anything, it's all BNIB and have been sitting in said boxes for the last ~3-4 years.

    Oxford White top w/ PLASTIC rear window, BNIB: $250, bought it off JCWhitney back in May of '05 but can't seem to find a link to the product anymore :(

    Top Pad Set, 1983-90 Mustang Convertible Top Pad Set BNIB: $45

    Convertible Top Motor, Used: $100, bought it off eBay and never had a chance to test it so I'm on the assumption that I didn't get boned and it actually works!

    Obviously, you can make offers but pretty much everything here is listed below what it's worth. Shipping will be from Andrews AFB, MD ( 20762 )
  2. To the top!

    Everything still available. Pending sale on the weatherstrip kit. Prices are negotiable!
  3. hi, anything on the weatherstripping yet? please let me know. email is [email protected] - what form of payment? paypal?
  4. Everything is still for sale. Can work out some kind of package deal if buying multiple things. PayPal is the only thing I have handy :(

    Edit: With the whole PayPal thing, you must be verified.
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  7. Original post updated, taking reasonable offers on it all. Just want it gone!
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