Body and paint time!

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  1. Well a couple days ago I dollied the SVO from Iowa to Pittsburgh for its body restoration. A good friend of mine owns the shop with his dad and will be stripping it down, painting it and storing it until I get back in a year.:D
  2. I haven't updated this thread in some time, but here are a few recent pictures of my car in progress. Body work will be complete by the end of June hopefully by the time I get back to the states with me then finishing the engine bay/engine upgrades by mid July. I have a dyno tune scheduled for Aug 5th so that guarantees that I will get the engine finished by then whether I like it or not.
    So far for the body I have picked up NOS headlights and markers, all new weatherstripping, window channelling, dew wipes, fiberglass SVO hood from LMR and other misc. items. that I am sure to be forgetting to mention. It will be getting a base/clear coat paint job in the factory Oxford white. Once I pick up my car from Pittsburgh I will then be installing my standalone ecu, Holset HX35, 72lb injectors, tubular header as well as blasting / respraying the bay, and hiding all the wires. The front suspension will be upgraded with 03 cobra control arms, 94 spindles, and 99 dual piston calipers. I am sure that things have been forgotten but I will update as much as I can. :nice:

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  3. Some more. As you can see in the one picture my headlights are yellowed pretty badly, I had to sacrifice my left arm to purchase the all new set :rolleyes: . Here is an idle clip of my car in its current tune

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  4. Looking good :nice: Be sure to post your upgrades after you get her painted.

  5. I will definitely get some stuff posted once I can dig into it. I am horrible at posting updates on my projects so this is my first attempt to follow with pictures.
  6. Nice sounding car! I wish I could find a nice sounding exhaust for my 1991 hatchback LX 2.3 N/A.
  7. I run Flowmaster mufflers, I really like the sound they produce even though people say they rob HP. I run a cutout for track days to have the best of both worlds. Thanks for the compliment.
  8. You're welcome. So how does the flowmaster muffler rob hp?
  9. Heres a couple new pictures, I have alot but these show the majority of the progress made, they are about a week old though. Right now the entire front is off the car but no pictures have been taken yet. As for the flowmasters, alot of turbo guys feel that they are to restrictive to be used on turbo applications due to the chambered design, most prefer a straight through turbo muffler design like dynomax, etc. I personally hate the sound of those mufflers on a four cylinder though and run the flowmasters based on personal sound preference, its not a big inconvenience for me to uncap my cutout on race days.

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  10. Can't wait for the finished product!
  11. I am getting fairly excited myself. I pick up my car in less than 2 months. I am interested to see how the fitment is with the fiberglass hood, havent heard of anyone running it yet.
  12. Should have some new pics soon, I hope!
  13. During my whole graduation i have been living in a rented house who don't have garage facility which make my mustang quite rusty from the places where paint is nearly off the surface.Can you suggest me some auto body shop that can provide sanding and painting job done at reasonable rates.

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  14. Well its been quite a while. The shop fell way behind on my project due to some guys quitting. But here are some updates.
  15. Cars in paint, will be posting pics sometime this weekend hopefully.
  16. Those who have taken the service of auto body once, can’t even they tell the difference because some mechanics are just made to rock your cars. I want to know if guys give discounted coupon or take part in sports competition. Last time got auto body job in my truck.

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  18. Am I just getting old or does this post make zero sense to anyone. It's all in English but doesn't really form either a question nor a thought.:shrug:
  19. Agreed, I have no idea what he is trying to say? Maybe he is complimenting the body work? I think its spam.
  20. Got some updates. The lighting in the paint booth is not the greatest but the color is Oxford White.