BODY COUNT!!!!! Who lives out west?

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by JonDawg, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Hey all.
    Im nearing completion (sorta) on my coupe, and I was just wondering who lives out west. Like in the rockies or pacific coast. Reading these posts about Carlisle, Im getting a little jealous.

    Sooooo, I was thinking of organizing something. I know Mstng2 is down in Utah, but I don't know anyone else.

    So: If your out there, Gimme an M!!!, Gimme a 2!!! :)
  2. I live in NE Kansas. I've been thinking about Carlisle. If i have my II done, I might be up for it.
  3. Im up here in seattle and I would be willing to travel to go to meet if you told me ahead of time. I think my car could handle a long trip.
  4. Tucson, AZ. Don't know how far I could take my car. Well, nowhere right now, but once it's done.
  5. I am in Phoenix
  6. Near Calgary, host of 2004 Mustang International meet :)
  7. im in oklahoma
  8. Vancouver, British Columbia
  9. Bismarck ND
  10. Edwards Air Force Base California (north of LA - South of Bakersfield)
  11. I am in Iberia,MO. My brother is a good body work and painter guy.
  12. Idaho Falls, Idaho.

    Where would be a happy middle area for everyone?
    I think it would be a while before my car can make it any real distance too.

    I was thinking of Reno or LasVegas, NV. Or Salt Lake, UT. But thats just 'cause theyre close.
  13. Chehalis, Washington
  14. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, II's rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :canflag: :flag:
  15. Burnaby, BC Canada (just East of 77mach1)

    Unfortunately, my II hasn't had an engine or tranny for several years, and I'd be refused entry at the US border anyway....
  16. Calgary, Alberta :)

  17. :nice:

    Seems to be more and more IIs showing up around here :) We're going to have to organize a Alberta cruise as a warm up to the IIs of Stangnet, Western Division Rally (and swap meet :D)
  18. I'd go for a Alberta (and all others who could make it) cruise... just have to see how the car runs on the highway after I get her running again. Hopefully the shakes will be gone.

    I'd try for a Stangnet meet, but something tells me its gonna be too far and too long (work and school takes up way too much time).
  19. Bellingham, Washington

    Later :spot:
  20. Anacortes, Washington... Near Seattle