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  1. I recently swapped my dead 2.3l for a newer 2.3l, changed out the broken heater core, installed a #itchin sub system aaaaannnnddd promptly rear ended a Honda...
    How hard is it to do some minor repair to the engine bay frame?
    I have replacement fenders, a dented hood that i will be replacing with a better one and the subframe for the bumper cover and am keeping an eye out for a replacement bumper cover and better hood... It's so sad to see her sitting there day after day
  2. Tear it down and see how bad it is. You might be able to chain up to a tree and pull it back into shape. Doesn't look too bad from here.
  3. There is a little bit of the buckling up underneath the fenders right behind the bumper cover in a spot where it is supposed to buckle but like you said it should be relatively easy, we don't have very many trees but we do have an F 150 and a Ford Ranger so that might have to do
  4. Yep, chain and a comealong might do the trick.
  5. Come again?
  6. Comealong. Lol. The hand cranked winch with hooks on each end.
  7. Ah yes also I accidentally typed f150 when I meant f250
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  8. Got her into the garage and started to tear down the front end<br /> yvebedyb.jpg <br />Got the hood off and the broken headlight out, the damage is starting to reveal itself...<br /> ymaqy5ad.jpg <br />Got the car up, wheels off and fender wells out so I could take the fenders and bumper cover off, finding damage from my previous incidents and the latest one<br /> na4ubypy.jpg <br />Got the fenders off and the bumper cover off, put the wheels back on, set it down and discovered that the ac condenser took a pretty good hit but the radiator is OK, the whole ac system needed to be replaced anyway<br /> ydaqynad.jpg <br />Model and features tag from the factory, just an interesting find<br/>
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  9. So you were able to save her?
  10. I will be, as you see her is as she sits while I build up money
  11. Take a couple of under hood pictures of the frame fore and aft of the strut tower area. If it's buckled ahead of the towers (closer to the bumper side) then you may be able to pull it out....although it's probably just easier and cleaner to find a donor and graft on the entire front clip from it.

    If it's buckled behind the strut towers, then I'm afraid it's time to start playing "Taps", because this one has had it.
  12. The driver headlight area and a spot by the battery buckled, the headlight and shock absorber took most of the impact, and I will never give up on this car
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  13. This car will never have "had it" (unless it's back to the future bad) and I know how ridiculous that sounds but I spent my whole childhood dreaming about driving this exact mustang (my father has owned it since 1988, one owner) it is an amazing little machine and there isn't another like it
  14. I'm gonna bet there are several thousand, just like it....but if you've got some sort of sentimental attachment to it, have at it.

    ...and if you think ripping around in that little 2.3L amazing, wait till you get behind the wheel of a 5.0L. ;)
  15. I have been behind a 5.0 they're a blast too
    Let's face it, any mustang is amazing
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