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  1. Hi everybody
    Im new to this site, I've got a couple of questions for everybody if any body has any pics and information on the PIRANNAH BODY KIT for fox bodies i've bin looking for one for awhile and cant seem to find anything please email me them at [email protected]

    or anybody body kits that look mean on fox bodies i cant decide what body kit to get please help me out also email me pics of your cars with their body kits or just to show me you rstangs since im new
  2. I love this set up...maybe next summer :(

  3. Looks like the stalker kit from cervinis. Whats the difference besides the side ground effects???
  4. thats a stalker front end, stormin norman hood, xenon sides, forgot what rear bumper....and the turbo wing....(which is F-in ugly! :notnice:)
  5. Its a stock Gt bumper
  6. no, its a stalker front end
  7. its got the pointed/swept fog light holes
  8. I think he was referring to the rear bumber...
  9. I SEE ALTEZZAS! That car COULD look nice, those xenon sides suck, the turbo wing sucks, and I don't think that hood goes well with it. That burnout almost looks fake because the way the rear is not covered in smoke.
  10. I think the front wheels are Photshopped, but the rear wheels didn't need to be b/c of the burnt out.
  11. yeah ..I was talking about the rear bumper
  12. I like the hood...It has a killer look to it.
  13. i think the side skirts are cool, if i didnt have a nasty habbit of scuffing mine up so badly id swap mine out for some of those]

    that hood and wing are ugly though
  14. No those wheels are real.....that car is on for "chromallusion stang" or something like that....I love the hood and front end fact other than the sanja i think its the best looking combo i've ever seen. But i hate the color! It would be alright if it didn't turn that brown color.....but i just don't like that... :shrug: If that guy would change out that wing for something else....(anything else....hell...wingless...) It would look 100X better.....

    heres the link BTW's%20Auto%20Designs%20Aerodynamic%2FStyling%20Enhancements
  15. That is a phat ride, just needs some hydraulics then he be rollin'.

    *pshhhhhhh pshhhhh*

    "Hey homes, nice car."

  16. A couple years ago, a rich bastard/car collector (friend of dad's) was having me sell a few of his cars through the internet for him. In his garages I came across a Mustang Piranha and wondered WTF it was. I came home, did some research, and found out that in the early '90s (I believe, I can't remember much about it) they made 12 of these models. For whatever reason, I don't know. It was a convertible and had a double stack wing on the decklid. I can't remember what the rest looked like but it was FUGLY. I didn't find much info about it other than production numbers and a few pictures (and one other guy had one for sale, somewhere) and never looked at it again.

    But other than that, I've never heard of a "Piranha" body kit.

    Here's my GT with Stalker front, Stormin' Norman hood, Cobra wing:


  17. can you post some pics and tell me the site that you got the piranna info it help alot thanks :hail2: