body kits on a 2.3 stang yay or nay

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  1. ok so i wanna hear everyones opinions on putting any of the body kits on a 2.3 stang i have an 87 with a 2.3 id like to swap it for a 5.0 but being in school thats just not an option right now i was thinking about either the saleen or stalker kit since the sanja kit is no longer in production
  2. Just keep it tasteful and no one will have a problem. Both those kits would look nice.
  3. I'm putting a Cobra kit on my DD 4 cylinder. I see no reason not to do what you want to your car. I can't stand the stock LX body, but I wanted a Four Cylinder to drive every day.

    Just don't try and pass it off as a 5.0 :)

    ... or put a turbo on it and kick some ass.
  4. I like the Saleen body kit. They came out with that body and seems to march the style. But then again I am old school. Maurice
  5. i plan on putting the stalker kit on. im catching alot of hell though from alot of people because my car is a 4 banger. and my spoiler choice. im thinking about the sn95 double stack
  6. your not catching hell because its a 4 banger. its only the spoiler choice and the fact you were posting in the 5.0 forum.