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  1. Hey
    I won a Xenon rear bumper lip off eBay for cheap, so I need to find a good front bumper/lip before I get everything installed and painted.
    So can every post pictures of their favorite or their own front bumper body kits?
    I've found I like the Kaminari bumper but it's very spendy. I'd like to keep it under $200, which is why I'm looking at the Wings West lip or the Xenon lip. I've noticed all the Erubini kits are fugly.



    Wings West:





    I like the stock side skirts, so I'll keep them.

    Thanks for the help :nice:
  2. TTT

  3. The second to last photo.

    That bumper is nice. :nice:
  4. I would put the back lip back on ebay and don't think about it. In my opinion those xenon bodykit's look like crap. Just piling on more plastic doesn't look good. Changing in a tastfull way does. Just my opinion but i'm sure some people agree.
  5. yeah, I agree, the only body kit that really works well in my opinion is the saleen kits... those are the only rear ones that look decent... as far as the front goes, there are a lot more for that, but still, I bet you can resell the xenon back no prob.

  6. I can understand if you dont want one, like them, or dont want to just "pile on more plastic".

    But can you HONESTLY look at this and Killer's car and say...

    Prowler..It's your call, but I dont think you should mix and match bumpers.

    I actually like the front part of the Xenon the most.. Doesnt have that big drop down in the center like the ricer kits or that Kaminari one you posted. That one has "rice" written all over it :notnice:

    Good luck
  7. I still say the only good body kit is the Saleen, but yes, RC, your car does look damn nice :D
  8. AGREED..(with BOTH parts :lol: )

    I wanted the Saleen, but it was just so damn much money, and I was paying for a paint job at the time, and had not even BEGUN my performance mods yet.!!

    Str8stang has the Saleen with the rims, and it looks :nice:
  9. I do think your car looks nice but It does depend on the angle. The Xenon bodykit has a bubble butt back bumper. Look at the lines....Does it even flow with anything....And the side skirts... :nonono: I the case of add-on bodykits go I think they look different and nothing more. Cervini's and Saleen are the only decent looking bodykit's.

    I Think that bodykits should be clean enough and that the lines should follow the car so It looks as if It could be Stock. That to me is a good bodykit.

    RC...Don't you think that your car would look just as good if It had the lights,springs and the chrome wheels?

    As far as killers is concerned.....It is his car and If he likes it that's all that matters but..IMHO..It's not lowered...The wheels aren't to my liking and the roll bar isn't my favorite part. To each his own. That car is freaking fast and like he said...The car that set the Bar :nice:
  10. Honestly, I like this kit the best by far out of any of the kits made for our cars. It blends the new body style with our style.

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  11. well, basically, there is a scale, 1-3 (3 being best) and only the saleen kit (94-98) is a 3, everything else good is a 2 at best... mix and match those all you want, but never mix the saleen, stock, any other styles together...

    -there are a lot of decent kits out there, even that "big Mouth" kit I liked for a while, but it will never compare :nonono:
  12. i like the roush kits, when i get my mustang thats what im putting on
  13. WERD!!

  14. how much would a paintshop charge to paint a bodykit/hood/wing? would it be hard to match paint?
  15. matching paint is no problem at all, just get the paint code...

    -the paint itself is hella expensive... 1 pint of my Vibrant Red was over $100, and that's through my uncle!! then there is the clear coats, and labor... I had my dad show me how, and I painted my door jams for under $20 (this was black though, and on my taurus)... I'm going to paint the mirrors on my stang soon, but I expect it will take 3 days to finish... should look really nice though.

    -oh, sorry, I'd say $1000 to paint the kit & wing... all said and done... I'm sure you could just goto one of the guys w/ a 24 pack and offer him like $600 on the side...
  16. My car was $1700, and that included painting the body stuff. It did NOT include mounting tho, which was about another $400.

    When I repaint the car, I will add a nice hood and probably remove the kit.

  17. they paint body kits and such at my work, and someone told me that they would do it on the side, but i just want it done right the first time.

    i dont even have my mustang yet and im already thinking mods and such :lol:
  18. I agree with 94GTLaserRC. i dont think it looks like crap. I had my car with the Xenon gfx and a set of 2 inch lowering springs. i looked cool but when it cam down to having to work on the car, it was not worth it. so i removed the springs. i had the whole car repainted and i drove around with out the body kit because it got painted last and i hated how it looked. it looked so plain and boring. when i put the body kit back on it looked awesome combined with the hood. the only thing i hate about the xenon body kit was having to put it on. thats about it. i love how the rear add on looks with my 3.5 inch chrome tips.




    I'm getting rims so no comments please :p

    everyone has there own opinions but i love my xenon.
  19. and that's all that really matters when it comes down to it, whether or not you love your car :D

    -I do, I know RC does, and you do too...
  20. Hey Dan, Dont believe I have seen your car yet. :nice: