Body Kits & suggestions.

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  1. You couldn't be more right! :nice:
  2. I saw some from cervini on a 95 , the green summit racing stang with the 1000hp blown 525 big block :D , and I thought that looked pretty damn good, just throwing it out there dont know about pricing so sorry if its over your budget.
  3. IMO saleen is the only way to go as well.

    But before a kit a HOOD and WING combo do wonders, IMO they totally change the look of a car (more then just a body kit and keeping wing and hood)
  4. the only reason I haven't done a saleen kit yet, other than cost, is the extra costs I would have to do, I would not want an "imitation" saleen, so I would goto a junk yard, get a saleen number of a totaled one, use that, then get the 351 supercharged engine, suspension, exhaust, interior, exterior badging, and about another $2000 in misc parts...
  5. If I had to do it all over again, I would not have the xenon kit. BUT back in '98 when I bought the kit, it was one of only a few on the market, and I did not want the saleen kit if I could not put the wheels on to match it, and I could not afford to do it. I had the xenon rear fascia and side skirts with a Wings west front fascia for a while, but it didn't look right at all. The front end was WAY too high for the side skirts. If I ever get around to it I'd like to take my kit off for something else. It will never go back to looking stock... the car doesn't perform like every one else's... so why should it look like it? We'll see what happens... I'm concidering going to the WW side skirts as the xenon make it damn near impossible to get a jack under the car, and THAT along with weight transfer at the track, is why my car is not lowered. I've been looking for a new kit to replace mine, but have yt to find one that I like enough. I do want a very CLEAN looking setup though like Chrome said, and the xenon does not fit that bill IMO either. Wheels are coming by spring first for my car though before anything else!!!!
  6. :OT: How would a stalker front bumper look with stalk side skirts and stock bumper??

    the resaon i ask is because i spun out on saturday, i hit the sidewalk and fawked up my bumper.
  7. personally i think that saleen is everywhere, thats why im going with roush, and i work there too, so that made my choice easier :banana:
  8. Seeing enough pics of the Xenon kit pretty much decided it for me. I'll go with their front bumper.

    There aren't many SN95's that are fixed up here in MT, but the few that are already have the Saleen and Roush kits. No one has the Xenon kit, so that's what I'm doing.

    Now with the side skirts; are they worth it? Or would the lines of the car be out of whack without the sideskirts?

    How hard is the install? Should I have the paint shop put them on or not? Don't they just use the same mounts as the stock bumper, being a little add-on? Or am I completely wrong?

    Whatever the case, my bumper is here on Friday. And then I'll go from there.
  9. I have been told the because the my front bumper goes lower than the black piece under the car, it prevents the piece from "lifting" air up into the engine and helping to cool it off. Dont know if it's true or not.

    Like I said, I may still just get a nicer hood and ditch the's a lot of hassel with hitting things.

    I must say tho, still, that Im the only one I have ever seen with this kit in person.

  10. because of my ram air hood i won't have this problem. just like other people have stated, they think there temp gauges are broken because of the ram air works to cool the engine compartment.

    i wish i could say the same. theres a guy who lives down my street who has the same front and rear gfx as me :mad: but i have the sides, clear lights, and hood so :banana:

    the xenon just goes over top. the side skirts even go over the factory gfx. i really dont like getting in and out of my car tho because the side gfx stick out alot but the looks make up for it :D
  12. hey i have 18 chrome motorsport (diamond-cut) cobras for sale.
    i bought em for $1500 last year. selling for $890 -gus [email protected]
  13. hey, just about any fiberglass kit you buy from cheaper companies expect to put alot of time and stress putting it on. ive been through it. you CAN put it on but its hard. yes you use stock bolts and if you buy it from bigger comp like xenon/west wing/saleen(factory) and if its urethane (rubber) it should be easy.
  14. you mean, easier :D

    -no body kit will be EASY to install yourself, some will be better than others, but then again, anything is possible...

    -I made the mistake of buying a cheap MAF from a no-name company, took almost 2 hours to install... but I did it.
  15. Shipped?

    Would you be willing to put it up on eBay on a private auction?
  16. and do you have pictures?

  17. just been too lazy to put em on ebay. im trying to sell them around my town to not worry about shipping but if you wanted it, just find a shipping quote, ill verfy it and we could ship it that way. if i dont sell it soon ill put it on ebay and notify you when i do
  18. A couple things
    #1 RC your car is off the hook dont let a couple people hating change your view. I have not seen a mustang that looks that clean and mean.

    #2 The s2000 kit is gorgeous imo but i like things a bit more aggressive.

    #3 If I had the money Id prolly go with the stalker from cirvinis just because its urathane and it will fit much like factory equip. (that and i can drive to cervinis)

    #4 I gotta be one of the only guys on here that just doesnt really like the Saleen all that much. The side skirts and rear bumper just look way to plain.

    I think cosmetic upgrades should be noticed. And I agree with killer, you guys with ur standard metoo upgrades would enjoy the metoo look. But if you have something done worthwhile. And your cars something to talk about, why not make it something to see as well. Dont get m wrong im not a fan of people with kits and no work. (As my body kit wont be ordered till my turbo kit is installed and my suspension work is done...)
  19. What kind of rear bumper do you? the stalker rear doesnt really lokk that good IMO.